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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- is pleased to announce that the website publishes up-to-the-minute information about computers, mobile apps, Internet news and product reviews. Guest bloggers are welcome. Recently a review article about Redbox Instant Movie Streaming was written by Raj.

Raj explained, “I wanted to provide a review on the Redbox Instant service to inform those who might be considering the use of the product. My review was based on product descriptions and upon personal experiences with the product. The conclusions can be seen by visiting the web pages at “.

The general categories covered in the specific review included: How Redbox Instant works, is Redbox Instant worth the price, and a comparison of Redbox Instant with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Updates to the review are made as further information becomes available.

The website includes a wealth of categories and information beyond product reviews. The publishers hope to make the “go-to” place for information about Games, the Internet and computer hardware and software. A list of “Top Rated Wii Games” is an example of the kind of information available. Readers can go to to obtain a comprehensive list of available downloads, including free downloads. At the top of the list in this category is the free MP3 albums download site. This is another list that will be updated as newer information becomes available.

Unlike other technology review sites, holds no punches. If they do not like a product and feel it is not worth the price that is being offered or feel the product is low quality, they let the readers know. The popular Gadget review site is fed up of reading false reviews on other technology news sites, which are written for profit. All the reviews on the TechHowdy website are independent, and are not paid for adverts.

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