Leading Wirtualna Centrala Telefoniczna, Virtual PBX, Provider CloudPBX Updates Its Price List


Tarnów, Lesser Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- CloudPBX has recently announced that they have updated their price list for national calls to offer even better call rates for their existing customers and potential new clients. CloudPBX is one of the leading Polish companies to offer Virtual PBX services and with increasing customer base, the company is looking to provide even better deals to sustain their prestigious position amongst competitors.

One of the key aspects of CloudPBX’s success, apart from the highly competitive rates, is its simple setup which only requires a VoIP telephone supporting SIP 2.0 protocol version and an internet connection per terminal with at least 64 kB/s bandwidth. The virtual PBX, or called wirtualna centrala telefoniczna in their native country, company is currently providing a free trial to clearly display the quality of their service and the various other additional services that come along.

Based on cloud computing, the Virtual PBX offered by the company is considered to be of top-notch quality and comparable to similar services offered by leading world-wide virtual PBX providers. However, many companies charge separately for additional services but CloudPBX offers them under the same packaging. The company’s highly experienced team can also handle any other specific requirement.

The company’s wirtualna centrala, virtual PBX, has numerous capabilities such as Call Forwarding to any terminal or local number, queuing incoming calls with automatic info on queue position and optional music as well, call intercepting, DND, voice mail, conference calls, personalized announcements and voice menu, directing call traffic, useful phone secretarial service console (BLF) which monitors the PBX subscribers, call recording, virtual fax and much more.

With highly competitive pricing, very simple setup, ‘cloud computing’ based technology offering exceptional quality, numerous additional services and a highly professional support team, CloudPBX is a company that has outshined its competitors in many aspects and continues to provide the same quality service now with even lower prices.

About CloudPBX
CloudPBX is a company in Poland that provides a fully comprehensive Virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) services based on VoIP and cloud computing technology. Switching to a reliable virtual PBX provider has become an essential criterion for many new and emerging businesses worldwide due to the enormous savings that are possible and to represent a respectful image to their customers and clients. CloudPBX,, is one such company that has been offering its Virtual PBX services for many years and has now become one of the leaders in this service in Poland.

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