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Leagoo M5 Shockproof Smartphone Comes to the Rescue as Pokemon Go Players Throw Their Phones to Catch Pokemons


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2016 -- Leagoo M5 shockproof smartphone now comes to the rescue of Pokemon Go players who are willing to throw their phones just to catch Pokemons. The shockproof smartphone with bulletproof screen comes to the rescue of those who are already addicted to the game and are even coming to the verge of almost throwing their phones just to catch Pokemons in certain locations.

It is given that the game Pokemon GO took the world of mobile gaming by storm and almost everyone who knows the anime and the game is addicted in catching Pokemons anywhere. Though it is not literally the requirement to throw their phones out to catch the Pokemons, there were players who accidentally threw their phones and dropped it face down on the ground. It resulted in some players ending the game as they left with broken or smashed phones.

If playing this addictive game would cause a player to actually smash their phones, they should not worry about it when they choose Leagoo M5. The smartphone is designed with a shockproof built and a nano all metal frame that resists any strong impact whether it is done intentionally or accidentally. What makes it more impressive is its bulletproof screen glass that saves a user from suffering from broken phone screens and a non-functional phone.

The LLEAGOO M5 has a bulletproof glass that shields its delicate display from any form of strong impact from drops or accidentally smashing something on it. What the company guarantees is that the screen will never suffer from being punctured, crushed or cracked. Whether users would try smashing it with a hammer, used it for cracking walnuts or even try letting a car run over it, the phone is sure to survive without a single scratch on it.

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Another impressive feature of the Leagoo M5 is its all-metal non-breakpoint frame that ensures its impact resistance. It is the first smartphone to have this particular design and is guaranteed to be a technical breakthrough in smartphones. The time and effort spent on crafting the entire built of the frame assures users of its shockproof ability.

Smoothness of operation is not a worry as it comes with impressive memory capacity that allows the user to run several tasks at once. Impressive display as well as quality battery life, and the latest Freeme OS make the smartphone more powerful at reasonable price.

Leagoo M5 is the latest product coming from Leagoo and is built with great features inside and out. Surely, a smartphone built for durability while keep a cool and elegant finish.

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