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League of Legends Guide Helps Gamers Become Pro

Summoner School is the ultimate League of Legends guide available that teaches all the secrets to play League of Legends like the pros.


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- League of Legends players are ending their frustrations at losing forever with Summoner School. Created by three Australians who have versed the world's best pros like DoubleLift and Xpecial on 200 ping, Summoner School develops League of Legends players skills to carry other players. The creators of the training course have designed this program to end the frustration of new players and to help them jump forward into the platinum-tier of game play – and beyond to play like a pro. Learn true lol strategy to improve game play.

This revolutionary program is the only one created to teach all the skills necessary for players to carry pros and then become one. Summoner School has the goal of making all student players move into the top 1% in the League of Legends ladder.

The League of Legends guide is where league players who want to excel at their game play go to enroll. This LoL guide teaches players hard to find skills that enable them to master every aspect of the game.

Summoner School is full of resources to help players move beyond a basic understanding of the game into mastery. One of these resources is a glossary to help players learn all the League of Legends terms. In the training course, players learn how to dodge skill shots, counter pick, fight in teams, and communicate in ranked 5s amongst hundreds of other skills never described before in one simple guide.

Summoner School consists of an introduction class and four other classes that teach the secrets of the professionals. The four classes include pre-game, in-game, team-game and post-game – all designed to cover everything you need to go from noob to pro.

This LoL guide is more that just a guide, it is a serious program filled with comprehensive and professional material to teach players how to make friends in-game. New players have avoided the game because of the abusive environment, but now can be equipped with the skills to handle toxic behavior.

Summoner School is offering a free five-day course as a sample of this revolutionary lol strategy program. Once purchased Summoner School offers a complete money back guarantee if after eight weeks the enrolled player is not on the gold tier or just unhappy for any reason. The creators are that confident it is the ultimate League of Legends guide.

About The league of Legends Guide
The League of Legends Guide, Summoner School, has been created by three disadvantaged Australian players who have gone up against the world's best as players discover the secrets for professional-level game play.

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