Lean Muscle Project

Lean Muscle Project Launches Online Fitness Solution to Help Men Get Ripped Fast

Lean Muscle Project is a new concept that offers men professional online personal training, including customized workout plans and meal plans, in a complete muscle building, fat burning package.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Body image for men is reaching new highs - the athletic physique of Hollywood leading men is bigger and leaner than ever before. This is making more men than ever go to dangerous lengths to try and bulk up, without much success. The truth is that putting on lean muscle requires more than brute force - it is a science. Lean Muscle Project is a new website dedicated to sharing that science with clients through a revolutionary online platform.

Lean Muscle Project members receive tailored workouts from a personal trainer who understands their goals, detailed menus and recipes for their nutrition plans, and progress monitoring in which they can report their progress and see their program evolve as they develop. It provides the equivalent of a personal trainer without having to pay more than a hundred dollars per session.

The program includes access to a library of instructional videos where members can learn exactly how to perform all the most effective muscle-building exercises. Lean Muscle Project also recommends supplements to its members that will make a real difference, as opposed to all the expensive products out there with big promises and zero results. Regimes are supervised by dedicated professionals and individuals can even update their progress on the go with the mobile app.

A spokesperson for LeanMuscleProject.com explained, “We offer a cutting edge, 21st century solution to an age old problem. Everyone wants to look better, and through our methods they can achieve that. So many men believe that it’s incredibly difficult to get into great shape, thinking they must spend all day, every day in the gym while eating nothing but grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli. We are clear that gaining lean muscle needn’t be a torturous process. We work from the ground up, discovering exactly what works and what doesn’t for each individual, and tailoring the program to make optimal gains with minimal time in the gym and a diet you will actually enjoy.”

About Lean Muscle Project
The Lean Muscle Project has been launched to provide affordable online personal training for men of any age or level of fitness. It has been designed for those that want to quickly shed fat and pack on lean muscle without resorting to crazy diets, hours in the gym, or dangerous pills. For more information please visit: http://leanmuscleproject.com/