Lean Supermarket Creates FIFO Storage Area to Identify Inventory Levels According to Trilogiq USA

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Livonia, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Manufacturers have saved their businesses by fully embracing the flexibility that lean manufacturing concepts such as supermarkets provide.

- Reduced ‘muda’ or waste caused by waiting
- Supermarkets can be mobile allowing them to be moved as the added value production site develops
- Transporting lighter loads allow for fewer forklifts
- Reduced capital investment
- Promotion of workstation productivity
- Lighter loads mean better ergonomics
- Flexibility of components can be stored in supermarkets with little customization
- Promotes creativity and Kaizen

According to Sarah Cunningham, Marketing Coordinator for Trilogiq USA, “The lean supermarket is essentially creating a FIFO storage area which easily presents needed materials and visually identifies inventory levels. A manufacturing supermarket is based on the same concept of retail supermarkets. In both cases, you look at what you have on-hand, and when you reach a predetermined level of inventory, you restock. The flexibility provided by supermarkets is that you can easily adjust what inventory is kept in the supermarkets based on your production line needs. Also, they can grow as you need them by creating mobile supermarkets. These mobile supermarkets allow you to move them as the production site develops.”

Just a short time ago it seems like all that was needed to be successful as a manufacturer was to create a great product that filled a market need, at a fair price. Cunningham explained on the company’s blog the business of manufacturing is about timing, “Today's successful manufactures depend on flexibility and innovation. Business leaders need to streamline operational costs and be able to make product conversions easily and quickly. “

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Sarah Cunningham
Marketing Coordinator