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Learn About the Accomplishments of Famous Social Entrepreneur Fadzai Matambanadzo

“Fadzai Matambanadzo is a renowned personality in the field of business and social service in Australia, who has rose to fame very fast at the tender age of only 27! This article provides total information about this amazing lady of African-Australian community who is considered as a business star and an ideal social entrepreneur of this land.”


Merriwa, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- Fadzai Matambanadzo is now working in Australia-Africa Business Council, an organization which aims at establishing successful business ties among the two continents and their governments; along with her high management rank in Colgate-Palmolive that is earned due to her degree in management and marketing from Murdoch University. Also she is an active part of the committee of ‘Save The African Rhino Foundation’, which was set up in 1987 as an Australian advocacy group. Now she is going to achieved MBA degree from the University of West Australia in 2016, to enhance her business administration qualities in her work-place, though she has already proved her ability by successful expanding of Colgate-Palmolive market in several African countries, thus truly considered as the business star in FMCG market.

But Fadzai is better known for her social entrepreneurship, which has turned her into a role model for African youth in Australia. Earlier in 2008 she achieved the prestigious title of Miss Africa Perth, after which she underwent an apprenticeship and during that period she learned the community fund-raising techniques and also how to promote African cultures and heritage among the adolescent mass of her race. Afterwards she founded the charitable organization ‘The African Dream Benefit’ in Perth, which operates with the aim of eliminating poverty in Africa, by educating the children and youth of that land properly and fund the education of the kids of low-income group with several scholarships and projects like ‘The African Dream Scholarship Fund’.

Though Fadzai arrived in Australia with her family only in 1999 from her original hometown Harare in the African country of Zimbabwe, she rose to fame within few years due to her talent and leadership qualities. Justifying the her name ‘Fadzai’ which means ‘respectful’ or ‘pleasing’ in her native language, she won several awards and recognition due to her initiation of innovative charitable moves for the uplift of the living conditions of all the Africans all over the Dark continent, not only the people of her native country Zimbabwe. As an Australian citizen now she holds a place of respect in West Australia, both due to her philanthropic and professional activities.

If you want to know more about this superb woman power of Australia who is the business star here and also working tirelessly for the poverty-stricken people of Africa, just visit this webpage by clicking this link and learn about the great steps she has taken in fulfilling her dreams of doing good to the world around her through ‘The African Dream Benefit’.