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This press release is to announce to the readers that World Landforms, an educative portal further affirms readers about providing them comprehensive information on Oceans.


Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- Since the formation of the earth there have been massive changes to it, which has led to the formation of a number of geographical features that can be witnessed by mankind today. To educate people more about these geographical features, World Landforms an online portal, is providing information about the various oceans spread across the planet. Covering 71% of the earth's surface, Oceans are the biggest geographical feature on Earth. With the aid of technology, scientists have discovered 5 oceans – Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean. To help readers get a better hold on it, they have put up high quality pictures along with the write-ups.

World Landforms is a reliable source from where interested readers, students and even teachers can gather information about the various geographical structures and landforms present on earth. The information provided is extensive and written in simple language to be understood clearly. Elaborating more on the oceans, the portal has described landforms that exist within them such as Oceanic Basin, Mid-Ocean ridge, Guyot, Oceanic Plateau and Aseismic Ridge.

Speaking more about various oceans, one of the representatives of World Landform stated, "The oceans of the world are actually a landform of water that do take up 71% of the earth's surface. It is made up of a total of 5 bodies of water. The world below the ocean contain a large variety of landforms as well. These include the following: mid-ocean ranges, guyots, abyss, trenches and even mountains. Many historians believed that there were only 4 oceans in the world."

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World Landforms is a leading portal that provides information about different types of landforms. The portal has been created with an aim to providing people with authentic information about landforms. The portal also has its social media pages on various social media channels. The main motto of the portal is helping people discover the landforms of the world.

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