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Wilsonville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- Hawaii is not only famous as one of the most exotic beach holiday destinations but also for its rainbows. It is most common for several rainbows to appear in different parts of the island all at once. It is definitely a visual treat for tourists who come to the island from different parts of the world. And they say Honolulu is the rainbow capital in the world. Rainbow on the Beach Shores of Hawaii is definitely an image worth capturing. The colorful mysterious rainbows are the most refreshing sights of all times. But it is not always easy to capture them.

Only professional photographers can capture these images in an extremely artistic manner. Photographers do not treat rainbows as solid objects and hence they try to clear any types of background such as the sea, clouds, blue sky or any other backgrounds. Stunning rainbow images can be created when they are caught in the form of arcs. However, there are images when photographers even capture the ground connections of the rainbows. Dennis Crates is one such professional photographer who can really create magical rainbows through his images and capture the mysterious beauty behind every rainbow.

Rainbow on the Beach Shores of Hawaii is not an uncommon or an unlikely thing. But it is how the photographers experiment with the background and the image itself. There is no need to wait for perfect conditions such as the weather or the climate. Professional photographers can create marvelous images from the existing resources only. One needs to have a natural and specific point of interest in the rainbow. Rainbow photography always stands out when it comes to other types of photography. And what better place to get hold of one when Hawaii has to offer so many. One can actually learn and experiment with their rainbow photography skills right here.

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Dennis Frates is a renowned and award winning fine art photographer who specializes in landscape and nature inspired photography. Dennis has published thousands of his photographs over the past 25 years and his images have appeared in numerous publications, books, magazines, posters, calendars, catalos, brochures, advertisements and many others.

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