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Learn Details of the Advances in Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market Forecast and Segments, 2016-2026

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2017 -- Crude oil production is carried out in remote locations, and hence it is necessary that the oil extracted has to reach appropriate destinations on time. The transportation via pipeline is the most suitable and efficient way of transporting crude oil. The oil transportation in cold regions are quite challenging, as it has to travel longer distances and slowly it becomes thicker. In addition, heavy crude oil has high viscosity issues. Hence, it is of utmost importance to control the viscosity of heavy crude oil so that it can be carried over a long distance without affecting the quality or state. Crude Oil Flow Improvers are additives that deliver apt solutions in all the stages from reservoir to refinery and maximizes the production.

Drag reducing agents, one of the Crude Oil Flow Improvers reduces the turbulence and assures increased flow rate and throughput inside the pipelines. Crude Oil Flow Improvers are widely used in oil pipelines to improve the flow capacity and thus improving the productivity. There are certain flow improver products used in oil pipeline networks to reduce the energy loss in pipelines by reducing turbulence and allowing oil flow more efficiently. Asphaltenes precipitation during the production, transportation, and processing can cause damage, loss of recovery, and choking of production. Hence, asphaltene inhibitors are used for assuring improved flow.

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The gas hydrates causes operational issues by blocking the production lines due to crystal formation. In presence of light, hydrocarbons and water react at low temperature and high pressure, to form gas hydrates. This could completely shut down the production. Hydrate Inhibitors are used to slowdown the formation of hydrates. Paraffin is also associated with the crude oil production. At lower temperature, crystals are formed which increase the viscosity and hampers the production or chock pipelines. Scale formation due to mineral deposition can adversely impact the production efficiency by shortening the life of equipment. Scale inhibitors are used to maintain the flow capacity of flow lines connected to surface equipment. It improves production efficiency and extends the equipment life.

The use of Crude Oil Flow Improvers is an economic and efficient way of handling crude oil in all stages. Crude Oil Flow Improver products have been in great demand in regions like North America, MEA, and Europe.

Market Dynamics

Global crude oil demand is growing across the world and the world energy demand is mostly met by crude oil. The other non-renewable energy resources are not able to meet the global energy demand. Hence, crude oil being the largest energy resource in the world, it is necessary to distribute and use the crude oil efficiently and productively. These factors drive the demand for Crude Oil Flow Improvers market globally.

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Use of crude oil flow improvers are not only used in production stage but it also provides optimal solution over all the three stages from extraction, transportation, and refining. The intrinsic benefit in using Crude Oil Flow Improvers itself is a major driver for this market to handle crude oil productively. High demand for Crude Oil Flow Improvers is anticipated to continue in the North America and Middle East regions. The oil demand has increased significantly in countries like China and India due to rising disposable income, urbanization, and purchase of more than one vehicle per family. Fluctuating oil price and global recession are very challenging for crude oil industry. The recent developments in shale oil technology in the U.S & Canada and oversupply of crude oil in the global market are the key challenges in front of the Crude Oil Flow Improvers Market.