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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- According to lowerbackpains.org, lower back pain or lumbago is widely prevalent and it affects nearly 80% of the total population at some stage or the other. This musculoskeletal disorder syndrome and one of the commonest neurological ailments has been the main cause triggering many job-oriented disabilities in some of the countries.

Lowerbackpains.org adds that the duration as well as the intensity of this ailment may vary depending upon the type and the pain has been classified as acute, sub-acute and chronic types. Low back pain is not a disease but it is a symptom showing that the person has some other health disorder.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

One of the causes is a herniated disc or a ruptured spinal cord. Treatment is given based on the status of the spinal cord and the condition of the patient.

Muscle sprain, that is otherwise called Lumbar Muscle Sprain is another cause but this may vanish on its own even without a treatment.

Though Arthritis generally affects the joints of the fingers or knees, it can affect the spine also and this is called Spine Arthritis. This can also cause pain in the lower back.

It has been found that Spinal Stenosis or tightening of the spine is the main cause for lower back pain and it is due to aging this is caused.

Spondylolisthesis or unstable vertebra can cause this pain because this problem causes the vertebra to “slip.”

Further, infection of the spinal bone, tumor, irritations in the nerves, myofascial pain, etc. can also cause lumbago.

Lower Back Pain - Symptoms

The primary symptom is pain in the lower back. The pain may worsen if the person increases his or her activity levels. The pain may revolve or move to the sides as well as the front and back of the legs. Some people complain of numbness in the area affected or the leg connecting the compressed nerve.

If the affected person is in the sitting posture for a long period, the pain may increase. The pain may become unbearable during nights.

Lower Back Pain - Treatments

For having instant relief, unprescribed medicines such as Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and muscular rubs and sprays may help. But patients should not use them for a longer duration without consulting their physician.

There is no specific treatment for lower back pain. Self-care treatments like sleeping with a pillow between the knees or lying on the back with a pillow under the knees can help some people. The affected people can learn appropriate exercises and do them regularly. Some people opt for ice and heat therapy also. If the pain is chronic, the doctor may advise spine surgery. Stretching is very effective but it should be done properly. Lowerbackpains.org provides elaborate instructions to do stretching properly.

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