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Learn How to Make Money on the Internet With a Mentor and Avoid Costly Mistakes

6 years ago, Lino Curci who is Italian did not know anything about internet marketing nor could he speak English, and he admits he made a ton of mistakes.


Torino, Piedmont -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- 6 years ago Lino Curci was in the process of learning Internet marketing, and admits he made lots of mistakes. Nothing seemed to work for him, until 2 years ago he met founder and CEO Vick Strizheus of the Global Success Club. In the last two years he learned lots of new successful techniques and methods on how to build web sites, successfully launch clickbank affiliate programs, but more importantly how to build traffic, which everyone knows is the lifeblood of all e-commerce site success.

Vic Strizheus has been Lino Curci’s mentor, and Lino has been cutting his teeth with Global Success Club, which is like a boot camp on how to make money on the Internet. The club teaches you the basic methods and techniques of affiliate marketing, but the best part of all is how club members can team up to help encourage one another and share ideas.

Curci says, “The main advantage of becoming a member is that you will get a customizable landing page that can include a photo, bio, social marketing connections, and contact information. It’s the first step in how to build your mailing list and put your marketing efforts on autopilot.” He enthusiastically says, “even a newbie can make money, and this system has really helped me to be more focused, a lot less scattered in my efforts, and now I am finally seeing results.”

Curci is passionate about his online business because everyday he gets Skype messages from new people that want to learn more, so now he has taken on the role of mentor, and feels very proud about the development of all the new people he meets. Many have been inspired by his results, and he loves to encourage them. To be fair, Curci does not promise that the money is easy, and that a lot of work is required, and say’s “it’s definitely not a get rich scheme, but a real legitimate business that with consistent effort can pay off.

Curci is now very excited that Vic has a new training program that helps to increase traffic into hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. The training program is called, “High Traffic Academy”. The High Traffic Academy has a four-part video series on how to generate significant amounts of traffic. Vic claims to have generated over $48,000 in profits during the last 7 days alone.

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