Learn More About West, One of ZYN22's Instructors in New Blog Post


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2017 -- Mantras are important tools for instructors to inspire riders in class. On ZYN22's blog, they are currently running a series on ZYNstructors and their mantras. A mantra is a word or phrase that is often repeated and expresses a person's basic beliefs. ZYNstructor West begins each of her classes by asking her riders "We never ride at zero, yes?" because her mantra is "never ride at zero."

What West's mantra means to her is showing up, working hard, and leaving it all out there. It's a sacrifice to endure 45 minutes in the Dome. "Never ride at zero" is about not making excuses and she applies that to both her workout and her life. She embraces perseverance and working through pain to become stronger or reach a goal. She aims to teach her riders to enjoy the struggle, battle through adversity, and take challenges head on. West recently completed a major personal challenge when she was being offered a spot on the Dallas Cowboys Dance Team for the upcoming season.

West asks that her riders are honest with themselves to recognize situations in which they can be doing more and not pushing as hard as they could. Don't take a break or ease up until the next song starts. There are many situations outside the Dome where one can wait for the "right moment" to act when the right moment is now. Don't waste time. Don't ride at zero. Act now.

Don't wait any longer to take advantage of the Dome and all of the benefits it comes with. Sign up for an indoor cycling class with West or any one of their motivational ZYNstructors at ZYN22 by visiting their website today.

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Rapidly becoming a widespread sensation, ZYN22 takes a modern, holistic approach to getting fit. The body-spirit renewal workout regimen is more than just an indoor cycling class - it's designed to improve the quality of life so that it can be lived to the fullest. Weight training, cardio, and dancing is combined to uplift the spirit while enhancing the body for a unique fitness experience. ZYN22 is the ultimate sweat therapy for encircling the mind, body, and spirit.

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