Mental Health Awareness

Learn Naked Academy Says Child Molestation Kills the Will to Live


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Learn Naked Academy®, an online provider of motivational and educational speakers in the field of self-improvement, is today providing TESOL teachers to help persons bring about their mental health awareness.

These TESOL teachers also teach individuals to become expert troubleshooters by training them to become Teachers of English of Speakers of Other Languages with a concentration in midi.

The aim of these learn Naked Academy® teachers is to help prevent child molestation before the crime occurs, stop teachers from molesting children, and teach empathic psychics they have a right to remain silent by teaching children how to make mistakes the write way!

“We shadow dance here at learn naked academy®, with the aim to kill the background noise in classrooms at schools, prevent environmental abuse, and discourage inappropriate behavior,” says the site’s owner.

“Child molestation kills the will to live,” adds the site’s operator, who helps to bring about mental health awareness, which they are claiming saves lives.

According to the Learn Naked Academy® spokesperson, they are about helping children succeed in school if he or she is not able to concentrate. “As a child’s concentration might be a little hard at times, it's easy for them to tune in partially to adults, and then go into that magical world of thinking that they master quite well,” explains the site’s owner.

Noting that parents or guardians need to learn how to help their children onward staying focused and remaining in the here and now; the Learn Naked Academy® spokesperson says this is just part of the reason that parents are seeking their service.

“Children find that if they have a hostile working environment, then they are more likely to step into things that might cause them to act out,” says the site’s spokesperson, who also believes this has been proven in child molesters, kidnappers, and more.

“When they can't concentrate, they watch themselves be drifted away to thinking about things that they have no right thinking about,” the spokesperson adds.

Shadow dancing teaches a lot of things and at Learn Naked Academy®, children are given mental health awareness using self-accountability via the inspiration of shadow dancing. According to the site’s owner, shadow dancing provides a sense of accountability that is only gained when such consciousness is realized.

“It (shadow dancing) becomes an even great sense when we start imagining ourselves in the future when we start mirroring our actions from the past. Losing this sense contributes to a fatal problem in our society which is mental disorders,” concludes the Learn Naked Academy® spokesperson.

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