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Learn New Languages and See New Places: Children's Book Series Invites Kids on Around-the-World Adventures with Aimee Kendrick

In her fun, educational and unique series of children’s books, author Marie-Retno Simon’s aim is to take kids on imaginative journeys across the planet – and help them learn a little something, too!

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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- It isn’t often that a child’s favourite tale is available eight different languages. But with Marie-Retno Simon’s colourful, ingenious new series, readers can brush up on their German, Spanish, Portuguese and more - all while following the many escapades of the little heroine, Aimee Kendrick.

In “Aimee Kendrick in the Golden Gate Park” and “Aimee Kendrick – Riding Dragon in Chinatown”, children are transported to San Francisco, California as Aimee explores the Golden Gate Park with her dog Gus, and in the second book, flies over Chinatown with her friend Mei Mei from Shanghai. Rainbow balloons, dragons and ingenious imagery all combine to make this series a favorite with kids. Parents will enjoy the exposure to culture and educational background.


It's a fun adventure storybook, it's good for all people from 7+ ages throughout adult ages. The adventure of Aimee Kendrick is about a seven years old girl with her dog, Gus, exploring the Golden Gate Park San Francisco, throughout the parks following the trail of the rainbow balloon. This is the first series book for children about traveling education through famous places. This first series introduces traveling experience in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Park through the children's eye and imagination of adventure.

With two books released and more to come, Simon’s happy to continue writing more adventures from Aimee’s perspective.

“My goal was to provide kids with a fun way to learn new languages, travel across the globe, and be inspired by the imagery in the books – it’s very inventive, with vivid scenery, dragons and more!”

Continuing, “Since it’s an easy book to read, it really is great for all ages. Anyone who wants to learn more about different cultures, ‘see’ San Francisco in new ways or even become exposed to a foreign language will be available to do this through Aimee’s stories. There’s something for everyone.”

Any reader interested in following along with Aimee’s travels can find her books on Amazon through Kindle – available now: http://amzn.to/191c0XQ

About Marie-Retno Simon
Marie-Retno Simon is an artist, a graphic digital artist, and an Instructional Technology Designer. She holds a BA degree in Art, and MA degree in Education, emphasis in Instructional Technology Design from San Francisco State University in California, USA. She dedicates Aimee Kendrick series books to her beloved granddaughter who becomes her inspirational muse, and the model of the character of the series books.