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Learn Norwegian 5000 Phrases App to Become Bigger and Richer in a Few Months Down the Line


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2016 -- Learn Norwegian 5000 Phrases, an Android app that has brought a revolution in the world of language learning, and Norwegian language learning in specific, is going to be more resourceful for its users in a matter of months. Fun Easy Learn, the android and iOS app development company has developed a number of other language learning apps before, recently confirmed that the present phrase count of 500 is all set to multiply in the next couple of months. They added that they intend to include 1000 Norwegian phrases every month to the app's database. With this announcement, the owners believe that the Learn Norwegian 5000 Phrases app will become even more popular among existing users.

"As an e-learning app development firm committed to provide the benefits of deep research and holistic pedagogical approach to the user community, we feel it is our duty to update the app regularly, and all other apps which we have developed to date, to bring the fruits of continued research to our dear users", commented a senior app developer who has been associated with Fun Easy Learn since the inception of the m-learning software based tool development firm.

"Not only everyday Norwegian phrases, but we will also add advanced phrases that are used in business conversations, within scientific research and discourse circles, at airports, pubs and public places and in schools and colleges in Norway", the developer hinted. "Some of the phrases which we are going to add over the next few months may also have idiomatic usage and meaning, which means the learners or users of this application, can easily engage in day-to-day conversations with native Norwegians by using this app", he added.

Learn Norwegian 5000 Phrases translates commonplace and useful Norwegian phrases into sixty different languages. Not only that, the app also explains Norwegian words through images and follow a game based pedagogical model which is now popular all across the world.

About Learn Norwegian 5000 Phrases
Learn Norwegian 5000 Phrases is a Norwegian language learning android app designed and developed by Fun Easy Learn.

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