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Learn Python Visually Launch KickStarter Campaign to CrowdFund Innovative Interactive Python Training eBook

“Learn Python Visually” is a planned Python programming instructional eBook that represents a total shift in the way Python programming is taught. Beautifully illustrated the book is designed to be used by visual learners who are traditionally let down by mainstream training manuals. The team behind the book recently announced a KickStarter campaign to bring the exciting book to market.


Montreal, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2014 -- Visual learners often face great challenges, especially when it comes to picking up the skills they need to succeed in areas like computer programming. Nearly all of the training material available is poorly suited for their needs, and this can lead to frustration and even failure. Fortunately, there's a team thinking “outside of the box” and set to deliver their second product, a eBook crafted to perfectly fit the needs of a visual learner working to learn Python programming, “Learn Python Visually.” Beautifully illustrated, and incorporating the lessons they have learned from their previous release “Learn JavaScript Visually,” the anticipation around the release is high. A KickStarter campaign was recently launched to raise the necessary funds to complete the project and the response has been wildly enthusiastic.

“The fact is that the brain processes visual information roughly 60,000 times faster than it does text,” commented Ivelin Demirov, author of the book. “When it comes to people who are pure visual learners the effect can be even more dramatic. 'Learn Python Visually' employs these strategies to make learning Python programming something very achievable for visual learners, and can also help non-visual learners also accomplish their goals.”

The “Learn Python Visually” KickStarter campaign has a goal set of $5,000 and is set to be funded on November 12, 2014. Already having met its initial goal, “stretch” goals are now coming closer and closer. So far the campaign has raised well over $9,500.

According to Demirov, there's been ample proof that the interactive game-like environment of the eBook not only makes learning Python simple and fun, but also delivers a long list of other benefits, including: offering a better way to learn the basics of Python programming; reinforcing lessons that lead to a strong Python foundation; crucial help in memorization of syntax and terminology of Python; and much, much more.

Reviews of the first “Learn Visually” book from Demirov, “Learn JavaScript Visually” has been resoundingly positive.

Samuel Russel, recently said in a Five Star review, “This was my first KickStarter I have ever backed. As a visual learner my brain shuts down after reading most intro to JavaScript books and after a while I realize I am not comprehending what I am reading. I have been enjoying going through this book and would recommend it to all beginners. The book is laid out in a way that makes it easy to comprehend and follow.”

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