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Learn Spanish 6000 Words Version 5.11 Comes with Two Added Features for Effortless Learning


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2016 -- Learn Spanish 6000 Words, a Fun Easy Learn developed e-learning tool, recently underwent some major changes from the developers' end as Fun Easy Learn developers wanted to make the app more feature-rich and interactive. The developers have now added two new features to the already feature-heavy app to make it more appealing for the end users. The two newly added features are Speech Recognition and Slow Play mode.

The developers maintained that the app will now facilitate users to learn Spanish vocabulary words better than ever before. The developers also added that the Version 5.11 comes with many other existing features which have been widely accepted by the user community.

The existing features of Learn Spanish 6000 Words are games and lots of other features such as top categorization, built-in spin function, review manager, three different difficulty levels and so on. The developers claimed that the app can be used offline as well, which they claim the biggest plus of the Learn Spanish 6000 Words app.

"There are many Spanish language learning apps in the online marketplace that fetch data from their cloud servers and users need to connect to the internet to continue with the learning process. However, since its inception, Learn Spanish 6000 Words is an offline app and a free-to-use app as well. The idea is to make Spanish language learning a more open and accessible pursuit for all and sundry. Besides, the new features that we have added will make Spanish language learning even more fun", claimed a top developer of Fun Easy Learn.

He claimed that the updated version of the app has already started receiving positive feedback from users as users are increasingly falling in love with the app. "We anticipate a steady growth in the user base in the coming days as the new features have gained wide currency among users from all walks of life. This is because the new features are not only user-friendly, but they are for advanced learners as well. At the same time, the entry level learners can also hugely benefit from the new features", the developer added.

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Learn Spanish 6000 Words is a Spanish language learning tool.

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