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Greeley, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- More than 14, 000 people on an average die everyday due to the ill-effects of smoking. Millions of people suffer from cancer due to the incontrollable urge to smoke. It is quite difficult to control the overwhelming desire to smoke on your own. However, through hypnosis you can control the desire to smoke and quit smoking forever. At Mile High Hypnosis, certified hypnotherapist help people to quit smoking through the process of hypnosis.

Mile High Hypnosis is owned by Patrick Kelly C. Ht., who received training at the nation’s first accredited College of Hypnotherapy, HMI. Various services such as Sports Hypnosis, Stress Reduction, Weight Control, Smoking Cessation, Medical Issues and Pain Management programs are offered at Mile High Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a trance induced state of consciousness to access the belief systems which are lodged in the subconscious mind. The therapy is used to influence the behavioural pattern of individuals. Through hypnosis, the person is shifted out of negative thoughts and emotions towards a positive state of well-being. It also helps people to heal from traumatic experiences. However, the therapy is most effective with the consent of the person. Patrick Kelly guarantees, “Believe me, you won't suddenly blurt out all of your deep dark secrets. You are always in control, in fact, you are hyper-focused, and you probably won't even cluck like a chicken..." Pun intended…

Hypnosis has proven effective for various issues such as stress reduction, emotional intimacy, communication issues, helplessness and sadness, co-dependency, arguments, trust issues, self-esteem issues, lack of confidence and so forth.

Patrick Kelly says “Hypnosis can give you the edge you are looking for, but who your hypnotherapist is very important.” In Mile High Hypnosis, therapists specialize in sports hypnosis, weight reduction, stress management, smoking cessation and many more. These hypnosis sessions also offer the option to learn how to enter a self-hypnotic state easily without any assistance.

Patrick Kelly will be providing an affordable Stop Smoking program for just $99 on the day of the Great American Smoke Out. He will attempt 24 hours of straight therapy for those who might not normally be able to afford his popular and effective stop smoking program. Scholarships from local businesses may be available; register by November 10th to participate.

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About Patrick Kelly C.Ht.
Patrick Kelly is the founder of Mile High Hypnosis and a certified union hypnotherapist. He has received advanced training and certification for Sports Hypnotherapy, smoking cessation, weight control issues and Pain Management from the prestigious American Hypnosis Association. He offers group self hypnosis sessions and medical hypnotherapy to cease smoking and manage pain, depression, stress, anxiety and various other medical issues.

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