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Learn to Keep the Spotlight on the Star when Doing Voiceovers

National VoiceOver Coach Schedules September Performance Workshop in Buffalo, New York.


Dalles, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- If you have a great voice, you’ve likely been told numerous times that you should be doing voice-overs. But hold on a minute. Veteran voice-over talent and acclaimed coach Julie Williams says, “The problem is that voice-over really isn’t about the voice. It’s about what you do with the voice.”

That’s not to say you can’t succeed in a voice-over career, Julie adds. “But if it’s just the voice you’re depending on—rather than your skills—you’ll be sorely disappointed. People don’t get ‘discovered’ because of their voice.”

However, voiceover skills can be learned. And, if you’re in the Buffalo, New York, region, you’re in luck. Williams is holding a one-day voice-over workshop on Saturday, September 13th 2014in Buffalo, NY. The class will teach skills in commercial voice-over, narrations, audiobook recording, VO marketing, and basic audio editing. Learn more at: http://juliewilliamscoaches.com/buffalo-n-y-performance-workshop/

The workshop is appropriate both for those who would like to enter the field, and for VO professionals who make less than $30,000 a year in voice-overs. Both beginning and intermediate skills will be taught.

For the past eight years, Williams has also published the free VoiceOver Insider magazine, now online at http://voiceoverinsider.com. The single best piece of advice that Williams gives those who contact her to refine their voiceover craft is to “keep the spotlight on the star.”

“This is a lesson that was taught in the Wizard of Oz movie,” says Williams. “At one point in the movie, the Wizard encourages Dorothy and her friends to ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!’Andfor good reason. Once they saw the Wizard, the magic was gone.”

“It’s the same thing in voice-over,” says Williams. “YOU are the man behind the curtain! The “star” is the product you’re selling, the message you’re portraying, the lesson you’re teaching, or the cartoon character to which you’re giving life. That’s why the voice itself is not only relatively insignificant in voice-over, it can actually get in the way.”

So keep the spotlight on the star, Williams advises.“You can’t let your voice mask the message. This is easier said than done, of course. But it is essential. If the listener is distracted by your great voice, or an insincere delivery, they look to the man behind the curtain. And they can’t see the star if the spotlight is on the man behind the curtain. The client is paying good money for you to use your voice to focus the spotlight on the star!”

About Julie Williams
Julie Williams has performed thousands of voice-overs in her 37-year career for such clients as Kraft, Coca-Cola, Pampers, Orbitz.com, Google, Plantronics, Pizza Hut, and others. She has helped countless professional VOs and newbies realize their full potential in satisfying voice-over careers. For private coaching or to sign up for the Buffalo workshop, go to http://www.JulieWilliamsCoaches.com.

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