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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Athletes inspire us all, especially when the Olympics arrive and we are granted the privilege of watching what hard work and dedication can accomplish. Many have questions about how these athletes train, and what they can adjust in their workout routines that will provide faster results and get them the athletic physique they desire. Here are four ways to train like an athlete to build a similar physique to what we see in competitions.

One thing athletes have, especially Olympic athletes, is explosive power. One way to enhance the explosive power in the body is to train explosively. When lifting, use close to the heaviest weight the body can lift and during the concentric phase (the explosive part of the exercise, for example, the rise on a squat) explode out of the position and lift the weight as fast as possible. During resistance, slow the motion of the body down only to explode again once the concentric phase is to begin. This will teach the muscles to fire quickly and keep the body guessing at what’s coming next.

In addition to this style of rapid-fire lifting, adding a few sets of high intensity interval training to a workout can also raise the body’s athletic power. Sprints, pushing sleds or any type of exercise that requires intense bursts of activity will push a person’s abilities and train the muscles to become more powerful overall.

One muscle group to focus on in addition to these explosive exercises is the core. The abdominals play a part in every single exercise the body can perform, and focusing on creating a strong core will assist in strengthening the body’s overall physique. Planks, side planks, medicine ball chops or any exercise that focuses on bracing and stabilizing the muscles will help strengthen this area.

Finally, in addition to the core, make time to focus on the back, hamstrings, and glutes as well. Try to do twice as many pulling exercises than pushing ones as these are parts of the body that carry our weight and give us more power in all movements.

Olympians focus on special diets and rigorous training, but the lay person should ease into these workouts to prevent injury and over-training. But building them in slowly will over time create the athletic appearance we all crave, and create a more powerful body that can adapt to a variety of sports and exercises one chooses to engage in.

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