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BartendingSchool.Today Launches Website Offering Affordable Courses to Learn Bartending


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2015 -- BartendingSchool.Today announces the launch of their website featuring online courses for those looking to learn bartending. The courses are available at The company aims to teach leading-edge bartending skills at a fraction of the cost of attending a bartending school.

The website and coursework were created by Los Angeles bartender Giselle Cruz. Giselle has been a staple on the LA bartending scene for years and now seeks to share her knowledge and insights in a way that is easy, fun and affordable.

Bartending can be a great and rewarding career and provides many people with flexible and financially sound work. Besides being a great paying and fun career itself, many students, artists and entrepreneurs have used a career in bartending, with its flexibility and great income, as a stepping stone toward reaching greater goals.

As the economy begins to emerge out of six years of The Great Recession, many find themselves looking for opportunities to gain a better financial life and seek the level of freedom that comes from having an in-demand skill. Bartenders are needed just about everywhere, and as more people go back to work and earn a larger disposable income, much of that income will be disposed of at bars and restaurants. The demand will only keep growing.

BartendingSchool.Today wants those looking for a new career path which offers great pay and flexibility to consider bartending. Bartending can be the perfect way to make great money, and it's the kind of job that allows for travel and flexibility.

Giselle Cruz of BartendingSchool.Today points out that her set of on-line courses draw from her own experiences and cost a fraction of what someone pays to attend a bartending school. She says of her courses, "I've put all my years of experience into this course. It's filled with the tips and tricks that made my bartending career a success. What I've created is the least expensive and easiest way to learn bartending. And it's the most fun too."

BartendingSchool.Today is a website offering an online set of courses which teach the skills of bartending. Founded by Giselle Cruz, the company seeks to make learning bartending easy, fun and affordable.

Giselle Cruz
Los Angeles, CA