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Learning About Tabata Training


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- One fitness trend that exploded in 2013 was various forms of High Intensity Interval Training. While there were several variations of this form of exercise, Tabata training was one of the more popular ones. But as trends come and go, how can a person determine if one style of exercise is right for them, or if they should vary their workouts with other styles?

With Tabata training, participants are given a fast-paced and exciting way to tone muscles, improve cardiovascular health, and burn calories during a short allotment of time. This sounds fantastic to anyone pressed for time, but in order to get the most out of the workout, it must be done correctly.

Tabata is structured in 4 minute blocks composed of eight 20-second intense bursts of speed or strength exercises, then combined with eight 10-second rest periods. The exercise can be done in five 4 minute sessions, or spread out throughout the day as time allows, but as the body fatigues it’s important to keep form and appropriate body structure to protect joints and muscles from injuries.

While Tabata requires little equipment and can be done anywhere, many trainers advise downloading a Tabata application to help customize workouts until a person gets the hang of what the moves should be. Many trainers can also walk them through exercises that can be organized into a Tabata style workout, and some gyms even offer beginner Tabata courses. Before beginning this style of program, it’s best to speak with someone familiar with the workout who can guide one through the exercises and how to arrange them for maximum effect.

Fitness trends come and go, but if a person finds a style of workout they like and it works for their lifestyle, there’s no reason to change based on trends. If interested, trainers recommend giving Tabata a try to see if a person can learn and adapt this highly customizable workout to their lifestyles.

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