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Learning from Different Cultural Fitness Habits


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Many nutrition and wellness secrets come from cultures outside America, providing citizens with unique, wholesome ways to become healthier and happier. Fitness practices also vary by culture and if we take a look at the methods behind them, we can adapt the practices of our own culture to more healthier and active lifestyles than the ones we currently live.

Though it sounds like something out of a musical, it’s not unusual to see Japanese workers, students, or everyday citizens suddenly break out into callisthenic movements. The national radio station of the Japan plays fifteen minutes of music every day that cue the population to get up and move around. Citizens can follow a routine, or make up their own moves as long as they are moving around for a bit to increase blood flow to muscles and improve mental focus.

Citizens in the Netherlands rely less on cars and more on bikes for general tasks such as shopping, commuting, or visiting friends and relatives. Over 85 percent of the Dutch population surveyed last year rode their bikes at least once a week for a casual outing. Whether it’s an actual ride through the park, or a trip to the grocery store, hopping on a bike can improve circulation, and keep money in your wallet by saving on gas costs for small errands.

Many Americans love music, but hate the thought of dancing in rhythm to it. In the Cuban culture, movement and music are inseparable concepts. Cubans dance everywhere: at weddings and social events, but also around their homes, at clubs, in schools and at fitness centers. This constant movement is a constant calorie burner, and it also eases stress and can improve mental function in those who partake in dance classes. With classes like Zumba popping up in fitness centers across America, this is a trend that would be easy to step into.

When looking at the fitness habits of different cultures compared to our own, we see an emphasis placed not only on physical fitness, but on overall mental and social wellness as well. By adapting just a few of these habits into our daily lifestyles, our population could reap the health benefits and create our own fitness culture that could someday spread across the world.

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