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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- Due to high unemployment rates, many people are looking to jump-start their careers. The business industry is one of the most respected fields in the country, and it offers numerous job possibilities for individuals with the right qualifications. Business careers are on the minds of a lot of people right now, and they are starting to talk about a website called, which provides helpful resources for prospective business students and individuals interested in pursuing careers in business. focuses on several different career paths within the business field, such as accounting, business administration, CPA, operations management, marketing coordinator and human resource management. There are actually 11 different business career paths featured on the website, and each of these paths has its own separate career page with essential information on the advantages of that career. Many people know that they want to go into business, but they are not sure what kinds of positions suit them. These career pages solve that problem by allowing visitors to compare all the business careers available to them.

By going to a specific career page, visitors can get all the advice they need on how to enter the field of their choice. On each page dedicated to a specific career, like accounting, visitors will find information on common jobs within that career field as well as the personality traits and education required to pursue a career in that field. Each career page also has a list of links to pages that provide even more details on topics like salary, potential jobs, job descriptions, career progression and degrees offered in the field.

For example, on the Accountant Salary page, visitors will find tons of useful information on potential accounting salaries according to employer, experience, and location. Obviously, an entry-level accountant employed by an insurance carrier in Fort Worth, Texas will not make the same amount of money as an experienced accountant who works for the local government in Boston, Massachusetts. The Accountant Salary page allows you to see these differences and determine how different employers and locations compare to each other in terms of potential salary. There are also tips on how to improve your accounting salary so that you can always stay one step ahead in your career.

At, prospective students can also research the top online schools so that they can get started with their dream careers right away.

About is an online resource for business students and people interested in pursing a career in business. We offer detailed information on various online as well as on-campus college and university programs to help business students find the best business school for their area of study.

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