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LearnLyve to Offer Scholarships Worth $1.5 Million for Students, Working Professionals and Learners Across the World


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- LearnLyve is now offering scholarships! The total amount of these scholarships is more than $1.5 million and it is being offered not just to students but also to people currently employed, yet still learning their skills. They will offer these scholarships to only the most deserving students and can go to people from any courses like Hadoop Admin course, PMP Exam Prep etc. LearnLyve has started this initiative as part of their vision to contribute to the growing world of IT and Software as much as possible. They intend to create professionals in this arena and are helping students who deserve the privilege.

With the current hype surrounding this amazing website, it is quite likely that users may have heard of LearnLyve – the wonderful initiative undertaken to train wanna-be IT professionals from all over the world. It was started by the pioneers of many institutions led by their teachers and instructors. These include AnalytixLabs and DigitalLabs. The website has over ten thousand people in training all over the world being taught by a group of people who are experts in IT skills. The website itself is a marketplace for online courses led by the instructor themselves. These instructors come from the world's leading firms such as McKinsey, Google, Facebook, Rocket Internet, AOL, Microsoft etc. and can offer courses on varied topics like Big Data Courses. The instructors are people working in firms, businessmen or experts with extensive knowledge in their fields.

LearnLyve promotes interactive sessions between instructors and students. They know that amongst the best ways to learn is by asking many questions. Therefore, they want to create an atmosphere where two way learning is practiced. They believe that being an online course does not mean that learning is only one way. They intend to allow students to get as much out of their instructors as possible. No better example is present than Android Development courses offered by LearnLyve where students frequently pose challenging, yet enlightening questions to their instructors. Once the lecture is delivered, the instructors will find problems with students and help them. LearnLyve experts have trained students from top universities in the world such as Harvard University, University of Oxford, Stanford University, MIT, Columbia Univeristy etc.

LearnLyve has global certification in all courses, like the Java/J2EE courses. The degree given by them is accepted the world over. Additionally, the website offers 24/7 support for people who have question or are suffering from problems.

About LearnLyve
LearnLyve is an online interactive learning website for All students and professionals. All the courses are live instructor-led and students are taught by industry experts and professionals.

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