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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- CellTowers.com helps striking a fair deal between a property owner and cell phone tower company, in both cell tower lease and cell tower buyout. Here, they can get the precise information about the cell phone towers and the business around it.

With over 207 million users in United States itself, the Cell Tower Industry is turning out to be a rapidly growing sector. As every cell phone company is looking out to improve their network coverage and reception in new located areas, the cell towers are being installed in every part of the United States. So with various companies looking for lands to install their cell phone towers, the property owners are leasing their properties with certain deals offer by the cell phone companies.

But what are the chances of getting a fair deal off those companies? In Cell Tower Leasing Industry, many property owners have been ripped off with the most unfair deals that could ever be. Celltowers.com educates the landowners through their Cell Tower Experts who keep updating themselves with the changing policies and terms related to cell phone tower leases.

Their transparent and experienced expertise helps the landowners to completely understand the true value of their deals with the cell phone companies. Celltowers.com also provides legal advices through their Cell Tower Attorneys who are reputed lawyers specialized in helping property owners with their cell tower buyout, cell tower lease and legal issues with companies and landowners.

Moreover, clients can also list their property on Celltowers.com which will help the cell tower companies to locate the lands they require - so make a fair cash out of the fair deals with Celltowers.com, a company committed to fill the loopholes in your contract with cell phone tower companies.

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