Leasefunders Announces Help for Cash Strapped Businesses


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- The US Small Business Administration released statistics recently showing 85% of all companies lease equipment for their businesses and 89% of those companies will lease equipment again in the future. Darren Tiemann of says this is just the way business is conducted these days because it preserves a company's working capital.

Says Tiemann, "In today’s challenging business environment, office equipment financing is proving to be a valuable tool businesses are using to obtain much needed equipment without diminishing their available working capital. And, quite frankly, more businesses are choosing to lease their equipment because equipment leasing is much easier to get approved for than a business loan."

Tiemann points out the many benefits to leasing office and farm equipment for businesses, saying, "Leasing saves you a great deal of time and hassle trying to find someone to grant you credit, especially if you're a start-up business or have a bankruptcy in your past. Leasing also allows you upgrade your equipment easily, keeping pace with emerging technology. A short-term lease affords you the chance to test the equipment out and evaluate it for your company's needs. Plus, in some cases, maintenance is included in the lease, saving you on repair costs."

Tiemann continues, demonstrating how valuable leasing can be for start-up businesses. "Nothing can stifle the entrepreneurial spirit like being turned down for a small business loan. But with leasing, software, websites, equipment, computers, etc can all be leased, even if comes from different vendors. Then, it can all be put on one lease, with one payment. Even the installation and service costs can be put on the lease to save your cash for more lucrative costs that will be making you money down the road. Whether you have perfect credit or you're looking for startup business financing for people with bad credit, leasing can be the answer."

Leasing is also a viable option for companies facing bad credit in a lean economy, says Tiemann. "Having bad credit usually means an automatic "NO" from most banks and finance companies. It's important to find a leasing company with a history of helping businesses with credit problems obtain financing. There are ways to package your lease request so that the banks and financiers look favorably upon your request. If you have past credit problems and are working to improve your situation, help is available."

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