Lease Not Buy Ltd Reports Now Is the Time to Lease a Car as This Industry Is Growing

Lease Not Buy presents the cheapest online lease deals for both business and private users


York, North Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- According to IBISWorld, the UK car rental and leasing market brings in £11 billion a year, and experts believe increased demand and economic acceleration will help to fuel growth in this market. Individuals looking to lease a car for private use find Lease Not Buy offers the best deals on all major car and commercial van brands. Lease Not Buy remains committed to finding the cheapest online lease deals for both private and business users in the country.

"Individuals continue to discover the numerous benefits associated with leasing a vehicle, especially when compared with car and commercial ownership of a vehicle and the responsibility which comes with it. One loses less money when leasing a car as they don't have to worry about the rapid depreciation seen with new vehicles, and Lease Not Buy offers new lease car deals at incredibly low prices with contracts as short as 24 to 48 months. Drivers are now finding they can obtain the benefits of new car ownership without the worry of owning a new car," David Black, spokesperson for Lease Not Buy (, explains.

Advantages of leasing a car include no M.O.T. and no road fund tax. Drivers obtain the latest technology when they choose to go this route, and running costs tend to decrease, as new cars typically offer better fuel economy than their older siblings. Depreciation becomes a concern of the past, and the new vehicle comes with a full warranty. Consumers often wonder if the dealership will treat them differently when they lease a car, yet this is never the case.

Black continues, those choosing to lease a car appreciate the fact that they don't need to sell the old vehicle. When Lease Not Buy delivers the new car or van to the consumer, they remove the old one, saving the individual a great deal of hassle, and the old vehicle is taken at fair market value in part exchange. Anyone who has ever sold a car knows how arduous the process can be, yet leasing eliminates this concern.

In addition, those who are self employed and businesses electing to lease a car obtain tax relief benefits. Those who are VAT registered find monthly payments decrease significantly, allowing for better cash flow along with running costs. Furthermore, those in this situation find they have a wider range of vehicles to select from at reasonable prices. Consider the above when determining if a vehicle lease is the right option.

"New deals arrive daily, so consumers need to call for the latest offers. Many, when doing so, find they can obtain their dream vehicle for less than they ever imagined. Don't drive a car that is falling apart or one that doesn't have the latest technology. With the help of Lease Not Buy Ltd, every driver can have a car they love," Black declares.

About Lease Not Buy Ltd
Lease Not Buy, a UK company, offers amazing deals on private and business vehicles for clients who wish to lease transportation rather than buying it. Lease Not Buy also takes cars in part exchange at fair market value. Clients appreciate this as they don't have to worry about disposing of their car.