Leather Jump Rope by King Athletic, Featured in Bespoke Post's Choice of Products Turns out to Be a Big Sell-out Success

Bespoke Post features King Athletic's Leather Jump Rope on its curated products category and sells out within a day. King Athletics is pleased with Leather Jump Rope's popularity and thanks everyone who discovered and embraced the brand so quickly.


Montreal, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- King Athletic's Leather Jump Rope has been featured on Bespoke Post and sold out within 24 hours, announced today King Athletic. Bespoke Post, a men's gear discovery store that sends curated themed-boxes to its subscribers on a monthly basis, chose to includ the Leather Jump Rope in its choice products. Bespoke Post presented the Leather Jump Rope to its club members on January 1st and sold out of the Leather Jump Ropes that very same days.

The Leather Jump Rope by King Athletic was quickly re-stocked and featured again for the next two days, where again it was so popular with Bespoke Post visitors that it was sold-out. Almost a month after it first appeared on the New-York based, gear service for men's accessories, the Leather Jump Rope is still available on a discount. King Athletics spokesman, Benjamin Davies commented on how Bespoke Post subscribers were brisk to embrace the aesthetic and utility of the Leather Jump Rope.

"Our jumping ropes express the timelessness of a classic, old workout, yet they are infused with a modern edge that exudes discernment and style. The Leather Jump Rope incarnates modern man's need for practicality; a tool they can rely on to get fit and do so impressively. We're pleased and honoured, that Bespoke Post club members chose the Leather Jump Rope for achieving their 2014 fitness and health resolutions"

The Leather Jump Rope is a length-adjustable jumping rope made with durable assembly. It is equipped with comfort-foam grip handles that prevent wrist and hand overwork. It is light and small, which makes it easy to carry around and exercise as one's schedule permits. Equipped with ball bearings, the Leather Jump Rope optimizes performance by allowing for seamless, unforced rope rotation. These design details have been carefully developed to offer fitness enthusiasts a workout gear to help them accomplish their fitness goals.

In line with Bespoke Post's culture of eclectic gear for men, the Leather Jump Rope immediately resonated with the Bespoke Post subscribers who rushed to purchase it in the first days of 2014. Four weeks later, King Athletic reveals that the Leather Jump Rope is still featured on Bespoke Post's subscription-based service, proof that it has withstood the test of time. The science of fitness gets more intricate, however the popularity of minimal gear in the last few years suggests that a substantial population segment invests in all-time classic workouts, like running and skipping rope exercising.

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