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Leather Shoes for Babies Made of Quality Leather


Mid Glamorgan, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- Physicians will tell you that bare feet is best for a baby when learning to walk. Since bare feet are not always appropriate, leather shoes are a perfect match for when shoes are necessary.

“Because walking and learning to walk is such a crucial time, our leather shoes provide the necessary support in both the arch and the ankle for a baby’s developing foot and lower leg,” said Sarah Vaughan of Cutie Couture.

Cutie Couture is a baby shoe-specialist store, featuring high quality leather shoes for infants and toddlers. With designs for boys, girls and for when parents want to be surprised, there is a shoe style for any occasion and any foot size up to three years old.

“Comfort and flexibility are important for children’s shoes and our shoes meet the demand of finicky children and parents,” Vaughan continued.

Each shoe is soft soled, so the baby can continue to develop strong bones in the foot and the reinforced sole grips the floor as babies take those first crucial steps.

“Many do not realize it, but proper footwear and foot alignment is necessary for spinal and pelvic development. Wearing shoes that fit well and comfortably is important for your child,” Vaughan continued.

As a family company and small business, Vaughan understands the importance of customer service and quality products. You can be assured that the shoes you order from Cutie Couture will meet your high expectations of quality and performance.

“I take pride in my footwear I make, so I want you to be happy and if you are not, contact me about our return policy,” Vaughan added.

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Company Name: Cutie Couture
Contact: Sarah Vaughan