Leathwaite's Venture Into Private Equity and Venture Capital


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2023 -- Leathwaite has a long, rich history in private equity and venture capital recruitment that has set the firm up to be able to confidently expand in this field. And expansion has been necessary, as private equity is a market that has experienced rapid growth in recent years and where recruitment support needs to bring more to the table as a result. Now, Leathwaite is also expanding to service operating partners and their portfolio companies, building on the vast expertise that already exists within the team and offering this to a broader range of enterprises.

Private equity recruitment has changed significantly as this market has matured. It's no longer sufficient for the leaders of today to focus purely on operational improvement and value growth. Key talent makes all the difference to how businesses of all types within this sector evolve and the potential that they have for growth. Leaders can have a transformational impact on private equity businesses - or a devastating one. It's only where there is a focus on private equity recruitment designed to find the people with diverse skill sets and the right combination of technical and non-technical abilities that it becomes possible to truly deliver on the potential that these companies really have by putting the right leaders in place. The most effective leaders are those that are discovered via private equity recruitment that is tailored to this approach. These are the people who can innovate and drive the business forward, as well as making critical business decisions. So, investing in the process of finding this type of exceptional talent makes a lot of sense for organisations across private equity and venture capital that are focused on accelerated growth. This is where Leathwaite's expansion into private equity and venture capital is ideally placed to help. Expanding to service operating partners and their portfolio companies is a logical next step for a firm with such deep experience in private equity recruitment - and the networks and expertise to take a talent search to another level.

[How the company does something relevant to the topic] Leathwaite is one of the world's leading executive search firms, not just in terms of permanent placements but interim private equity recruitment too. This is something that the team is able to implement in the process of expanding to service operating partners and their portfolio companies too. An interim executive has a vast amount of potential in an industry like private equity where there can be danger inherent in a directionless company. As a result, many businesses today look to interim executive talent as part of a robust hiring strategy. That could be related to a specific transformation project, for example, or with respect to upcoming challenges or change. Interim leaders also help to steady the ship while permanent talent is sourced in a fiercely competitive market and can help to ensure the right fit is found. With 20+ years in the interim executive recruitment market, Leathwaite is perfectly positioned to help with this, and every other hiring need, in the private equity and venture capital space.

[How the company carries out the particular service/product]. As a well-established leader in the field of private equity recruitment, Leathwaite continues to evolve its value proposition to stay on the cutting edge of what clients need. That could be integrating more data and insight offering or expanding to service operating partners and their portfolio companies, as is the case with the firm's most recent strategic move. However, it's not just in private equity where Leathwaite is well established as an innovative leader - the firm's expertise expands to many other industries too. These include consumer markets and industrial markets, as well as financial services, healthcare and life sciences and real estate. The firm has a number of attributes that make it an ideal partner, including a global footprint that creates access to a diverse range of senior talent all over the world. Industries like private equity and venture capital are international today and it's vital to have the support of a hiring partner with similar reach. The team at Leathwaite not only has deep expertise in industries like private equity but also understands what it takes to get ahead in these sectors, as well as the necessity of improving diversity and bringing in new perspectives.

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