Leaving a Meaningful Mark on the World - High Heels and Brown Bags Event for Women Regarding Leaving a Lasting Legacy


Wheat Ridge, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- According to Golden Wealth Solutions, Inc., if a person wants to leave a meaningful and lasting mark on the world, they need to know the difference between traditional estate planning and legacy planning. This is precisely the goal of Golden Wealth Solutions, for which they have organized the free “High Heels and Brown Bags” events for women in 2013 until the end of the year.

According to Marketing Director Belinda Meadows, “We will be discussing how to support the people and causes you love both financially and emotionally – an amazing feat compared to simply leaving behind cash and hard assets.

“People will also learn that a good legacy plan also inspires and influences you to prioritize your current lifestyle so that you are actively living your values. This insures that you will be remembered not only for what you have left behind, but what you had accomplished in your lifetime. It is this secondary benefit, on its own, that holds enough merit to make the process of legacy planning a worthwhile investment of your time.”

The free workshop will go into detail in discussing living one’s values, bucket lists, helping the less fortunate, value of community, giving one’s children independence and growth, installing frugality in one’s heirs, the importance of education, equality and innovation. Another key element of the workshop is helping to plan final arrangements in advance so that survivors are not overly burdened during an emotionally difficult time.

Vice President and CFO Pamela Herman says, “We believe in creating comprehensive wealth strategies to live life on purpose,” implying their goal of educating people and helping them realize the opportunities and potential profits after evaluating their financial situation. The company helps people in anticipating their financial status with information in the form of calculators, market indicators and news articles.

With more women struggling to lead a better life against all odds, Golden Wealth Solutions has decided to create the Leaving a Legacy for Your Loved Ones seminar for the High Heels and Brown Bags campaign on May 21, 2013 from noon – 1pm. The workshop is free and a free lunch is provided. The address for the event is Golden Wealth Solutions, 4891 Independence St., Suite 250, Wheat Ridge CO 80333. There are limited seats and you can to reserve them by calling (303) 463-6800 x– 223 or e-mailing

The event will focus on empowering women and their children’s future in regard to leaving a legacy that is both financially and emotionally sound. Women will be able to learn a few tips on maximizing their overall potential and living life holistically. Additionally, later Golden Wealth Solutions intends to host a range of other classes in the coming months including Protecting Assets, Estate Planning and Charitable Planning to mention a few.

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