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Leawo Cheers Global BD Fans with Blu-Ray Region Killer Special Offer

Leawo just kicks off a grand special offer for its widely-lauded Blu-ray Region Killer software. This flagship allows people to freely change BD region codes and play all BD discs regardless of region restriction.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Worldwide BD buffs have long been plagued by the problem that their purchased BD discs can not be played due to region code restriction. Now Leawo Blu-ray Region Killer just comes at the perfect time to blow away all the region code related troubles from people. It looks like a bright light shinning among all its competitors to be specialized in playing all region-coded BD movies or DVD movies on personal computer. To generously provide a cost-effective way for people to enjoy all the remarkable features of this Blu-ray Region Killer, Leawo kindly rolls out a special offer to cut its original price $59.95 to ultra-low $29.95. People now can seize it with considerable savings.

It is widely known that Blu-ray Region Code is a digital rights management technique developed for movie studios to control Blu-ray release based on the region. This is intended to support product differences in content, price, release date, etc., by region. Many released Blu-ray discs are coded in Region A, Region B or Region C based on their geographical area. For People who have bought a Blu-ray disc in Europe (Region B) and want to play it in United States (Region A), they must find a professional Blu-ray Region Killer to remove or change the region code for unlimited playback.

Leawo Software has dedicated in providing the most effective DVD/BD playback solutions to worldwide media fans for yeas. "To attain the high-end region free technological breakthrough, we have devoted lots of manpower, material and financial resources to this research. The formal release of this award-wining Blu-ray Region Killer just indicated the proudest achievement." said Steven Zhang, CEO of Leawo Software. "This carefully-designed BD region killer software has packed all the top-notch decrypting technologies into one to allow people watch any region-coded BD disc and DVD disc limitedly."

When playing a region-coded BD disc, for example region A, the ingenious program would fleetly detect the region code and automatically match the specific code. If that does not work for some region locked Blu-rays, this software will also allow people to manually alter the region codes from A to C to choose the one that suits the need. Unlike PowerDVD and WinDVD which only allow for up to 5 times of region changes in their setting menus, this smash hit BD region killer provides unlimited changes of region code, so that BD lovers will enjoy endless playback of Blu-ray discs in all region codes.

Apart from BD playback, this BD region killer can also act as powerful DVD region killer which provides the easiest approach to play region-coded DVD movies on personal computer. The most stunning feature is that it will automatically remove all the region codes packed on the DVD disc in the background as soon as the disc is inserted into the DVD drive. In a magical and surprise way, the inserted DVD disc would run smoothly on this program screen without any region code limitation.

Software giant Leawo currently offers this Blu-ray Region Killer at only $29.95 to help movie lovers change Blu-ray disc region unlimitedly and remove DVD region code automatically. People showing great interest in this Blu-ray region killer software can take party in the on-going Leawo Blu-ray Region Killer Special Offer to seize the software for enjoying region-coded Blu-ray/DVD movies with great savings.

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Leawo Software has always been dedicated in providing the first-rate and cost-effective multimedia solutions to worldwide media fans. Leawo just kicks off a grand special offer for its widely-lauded Blu-ray Region Killer software, allowing people to play all region-coded BD and DVD discs at $29.95 only. For more information about the special offer, please visit http://www.leawo.com/promotion/new-products/blu-ray-player.html.