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Leawo Gives Away CNET-Debuted Album Cover Finder to Help Global Music Fans to Get Back Missing Album Artwork


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Leawo Software - the world's famous multimedia solution provider, recently built up a solemn cooperation with the reliable tech media giant CNET to make its 2013 flagship - Leawo Album Cover Finder's first global appearance. This blockbuster has enjoyed a supreme honor in CNET of being the No.1 downloaded Album Cover Finder ever and it has been gloriously granted high ratings of 3.5-star out of five by venerable CNET editors. The marvelous feature of automatically getting missing album cover back indeed impresses worldwide music fans, thus their long trouble of inability to perfectly complete music album artwork has been totally blown away. And to reward all music addicts, Leawo now provides a 60-day limited free license code for this highly-praise Leawo Album Cover finding software.

iTunes users may have stored millions of songs on their iTunes music libraries. Many of those songs are shipped with album artwork for the reason that they are purchased from iTunes Store or renowned online music store like Amazon. But for the songs ripped from CDs to iTunes or downloaded from free online music sites, the album artworks might not be attached. Retrieving missing iTunes album artwork is a tough problem for many music lovers.

Leawo Album Cover Finder makes the album artwork finding really a piece of cake. In current market, nearly no reliable album cover finder software can be compatible with Leawo's masterpiece as this newly-released program really shines before our eyes and far exceeds the features of its equivalents. This smart app can have everything nicely organized and album artwork completed not only on iTunes library but also on music collections of computer or portable music players. It is elaborately designed to sync with the world's most powerful and ingenious music database and automatically find and add missing album artwork to iTunes library and other music folders. In line with immense database to assign all albums with the right covers, a massive, fast and accurate iTunes music album artwork fixing would be a sure thing.

This album cover finder has a remarkably intuitive and easy to use interface that will surely let people enjoy the fun of looking for those album artwork covers and music data. The whole process to get missing album artwork is super simple on its user-oriented UI. Download and open the program, a plain and clear start screen clearly shows three options (Start to Clean iTunes, Open Music File and Load Saved Results). People can Click "Start to Clean iTunes" to get album covers for iTunes music library, or click "Open Music Files" to get album covers for external music library. The program itself would automatically scan music library and display all problems. The songs without artwork would be displayed in the category of "Songs Without Album Artwork" and it is totally up to music fans to fix them all or just do partial fixing.

Besides finding album art to suit iTunes and external music library, this highly-acclaimed program is also capable of downloading other missed info in music files, and add tags to songs, including: name, artist, album, etc. For those who want to do manually fixing, it also integrates a stunning music editor to help people customize music tags, including: Name, Artist, Album and Artwork, etc. Another eye-catching feature of this software is that it can amazingly function as a duplicate remover to accurately delete song duplicates in iTunes and other music libraries for first-class music listening experience.

This program gives people a rather automatic access to get missing album cover back and makes iTunes music library well-organized. All iTunes users now have the chance to get Leawo Album Cover Finder for totally free from Leawo Album Cover Finder giveaway page, but people need to download this software from Leawo Album Cover Finder CNET download page firstly, install and test the app, then review this Album Cover Finder on the giveaway activity page to obtain the free license code.

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Leawo Software is a world-famous multimedia software enterprise, aiming to develop the world's first-rate multimedia solutions on both Win and Mac platforms. Leawo's freshest-debuted flagship – Album Cover Finder is now rewarded for totally free to help worldwide people to get missing album artwork. For more details, please visit http://www.leawo.com/promotion/new-products/tunes-cleaner-cnet-debut.html