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Leawo Launched All-Region Blu-Ray Media Player to Play Hottest Blu-Ray Movies of All Regions

Leawo Software caused something of a stir among worldwide BD fans with the formal introduction of its flagship - All-Region Blu-ray Media Player. This smash hit product can play back all latest hot-trending BD releases of any region code.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Leawo Software, a world-renowned multimedia solution provider, today created quite a splash among global BD movie fans by officially introducing its 2013 blockbuster - All-Region Blu-ray Media Player. This hit product can be highly-regarded as the best BD/DVD ultimate region killer to change or decrypt the region code, thus all BD/DVD fans can enjoy any region-coded Blu-ray disc or DVD disc without any limitation.

Offering enhanced sound capability, high-resolution imagery and tremendous storage capacity, Blu-ray discs are transforming the home theater experience at a very fast speed, and generally until now Blu-ray releases from Warner, Paramount and several other studios have all been region free. This must be a very good boon for BD buffs to watch purchased BD movies from foreign countries. However, most movie companies would choose to release region-locked discs. The idea of these restrictions is simply to enable movie studios to differentiate content and prices by geographical area for the benefit of their own.

It is a pain in the ass for dedicated BD movie fans as they might not enjoy the latest released Blu-ray movies easily without region code limitation. Recently, BD world is flooded with a number of newly released and attracting Blu-ray disc movies like The Dark Knight Rises, Oz the Great and Powerful, Cloud Atlas, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Day of Reckoning, Jack the Giant Slayer 3D, The Kentucky Fried Movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, etc. Many of them are protected with one or two region codes (region A, region B, region C), some also come out with DVD discs using encryption that keeps them locked to one or more region codes from 1 to 6. To play them all, a powerful region free Blu-ray player is needed.

Hardly can people find such a powerful All-Region Blu-ray Media Player from Leawo to perfectly play all the brand-new BD or DVD releases. This region free Blu-ray player is cleverly designed to help BD fans to change region codes flexibly in its settings menus. Some Blu-ray media player products only allow for up to 5 changes in their settings menus, then the region code will be unchangeable, but this is not the case in Leawo All-Region Blu-ray Media Player. It endows people the ability to endlessly alternate to play trending Blu-ray Discs from multi-regions. With this smart tool, people can enjoy any newly-released BD movies from all over the world without worrying about the region code protection. For example, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Blu-ray disc is coded in region A, if the owner lives in Europe - region B area, he can easily change the code to region A in settings menus for smooth playback.

Apart from the stunning feature to play all region-coded BD releases, this gorgeous region killer will also automatically decrypt DVD region code from 1 to 6, and make it unprotected for seamless playback. Thus all released DVD movie discs will be easily handled with this region-free Blu-ray media player.

Leawo All-Region Blu-ray Media Player can be the easiest solution to the problem that people live in one place and want to watch movies released in another. To obtain this software totally free, people could complete any offer from renowned promotion platform TrialPay and get this region-free Blu-ray player software as a freebie. Movie lovers who only need to purchase this software separately could also take part in Leawo multi-region Blu-ray player special offer to embrace it with hugely discounted price $29.95, which is an appetizing 50% price cut as compared to its original price: $59.95.

About Leawo Software
Leawo Software is an innovative multimedia software developer and provider, concentrating on providing the first-rate and cost-effective multimedia solutions to worldwide media fans. Its newly launched flagship All-Region Blu-ray Media Player can play back all latest hot-trending BD releases of any region code. And currently Leawo offers this software at super-low price $29.95. For information on the All-Region Blu-ray Media Player special offer, please visit http://www.leawo.com/promotion/new-products/blu-ray-player.html.