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Leawo Offers Region-Free Blu-Ray Player Software to Play '42' Blu-ray/DVD Disc of Different Region Codes

The Jackie Robinson biopic "42" is released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 16, 2013. Leawo shares a piece of region free Blu-ray player software to help play region-coded "42" Blu-ray and DVD disc on computer successfully.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- "42", a biopic of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, arrived on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and DVD on July 16, 2013. Leawo, the renowned multimedia software developer and provider, offers people a piece of effective all region Blu-ray Player software to help play "42" Blu-ray and DVD discs of different region codes on computer successfully.

Starring Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman as two men who changed baseball forever, "42" is an inspiring movie undeniably. It focuses on the great Jackie Robinson and legendary Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey bravely fighting against racism and baseball's infamous color line. The "42" is considered as one of the greatest movie of 2013. It is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack for $22.99 and on single disc DVD for $14.99 on Amazon. As a great movie worth adding to home collection, now many people are racing to order its Blu-ray or DVD version to take a look at the life of legendary Jackie Robinson at home.

Some people, who have received "42" Blu-ray or DVD disc, send feedback to Leawo that they can't play "42" Blu-ray and DVD disc movie on their personal computer. For one thing, their computer media player has no support for Blu-ray and DVD playback. For another, their ordered "42" DVD disc is encoded in region 1 and unable to be played with their region 2 encoded DVD drive. Under such a background, Leawo Software shares with people a piece of Blu-ray player software to help play commercial or non-commercial, region free or region coded "42" Blu-ray and DVD movies on personal computer.

The Blu-ray player software introduced by Leawo is actually a two-in-one combo. As a region free Blu-ray player, it could play back "42" Blu-ray disc on computer out of restrictions. As a multi-region DVD player for PC, it could play back commercial "42" DVD disc in all region codes freely. The player works in the background, changes the unfitted disc region code and plays "42" Blu-ray or DVD movie on computer successfully. The happy news is people could enjoy the DVD playback feature for forever free. The Blu-ray media player combo additionally supports to play back DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio, delivering cinema-like audio enjoyment while people watch "42" Blu-ray or DVD at home.

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