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Leawo Released Music Recorder Mac 3.0.2 with 4K/5K Screens Adapted, Mac OS 10.14 Supported, and Increased Accuracy and Speed in Extracting Music Information

Leawo just updated Music Recorder Mac to 3.0.2 with 4K/5k display screens adapted, Mac OS 10.14 supported, and increased accuracy and speed in extracting music information. In addition, recording driver got optimized.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2019 -- Leawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, rolled out Music Recorder Mac 3.0.2 with great updates. The new version adapted 4K & 5K display screens, supported Mac OS 10.14, and increased accuracy and speed in extracting music information. In addition, the optimization was made to recording driver, same for 64-bit system.

As a superb but easy to use music recording program, Leawo Music Recorder for Mac allows users to record music from more than 500+ online audio sites, as well as computer audio and any built-in input audio. In addition, it will download the music tags automatically like artist, name, genre, etc. and supports to edit the tags manually.

The keys of this update for Music Recorder Mac 3.0.2:

1. Automatically adapted to 4K/5K screens.
2. Supported Mac OS 10.14.
3. Increased accuracy of extracting music information.
4. Increased speed of extracting music information.
5. Optimized driver to avoid driver installation failure.
6. Optimized for 64-bit system.
7. Increased program stability and fixed some errors.

The most important update is the 4K & 5K display screens adapted. In the previous versions, people might suffer from the display issues when running Music Recorder on the 4K/5K display screens. For example, the interface may look distorted and the text description on it could be fuzzy. These issues could harm the users' experience severely with Music Recorder. However, the issues have been fixed with this great update. Now, with 4K/5K display screens, Music Recorder will take people a better visual experience. The interface will be more distinct taking advantage of high resolution of 4K/5K screens.

In addition, with the update of Mac OS, for better compatibility, Music Recorder supported Mac OS 10.14. It means the software will be more stable on the new Mac OS and there is fewer issue happens now.

Besides the above noteworthy changes, people would recognize the accuracy and speed have been increased greatly when the software was extracting the music information. In the past, for some reasons, it will take a little more time to extract the music information with some songs. However, this situation will not happen again. Users will get a faster experience with this update.

Certainly, a few more details have been optimized to improve the whole experience when recording with the software. The recording driver has been optimized to avoid driver installation failure, while the optimization was made for 64-bit system for more stable experience. Moreover, the program stability has been increased along with some errors fixed.

Note that due to the Apple policy, this version on Mac App Store may not obtain the song album and cover. In addition, an extra recording driver (download from the official website) needs to be installed first for recording computer audio.

Price and availability
Leawo Music Recorder for Mac has both trial and registration versions and both are free downloadable. The trial version could record only 3 minutes, while the unlimited registration version only needs to cost $19.99/Year and $29.99/Lifetime (now it's available with 30% discount on 2019 Valentine's Day Giveaway & Specials Promotion).

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