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Leawo Software Offers All Region Blu-Ray Player Software for Windows 8 as a Free Gift

Leawo Software offers Blu-ray buffs a free way to play Blu-ray discs from all regions on Windows 8 computer unlimitedly, through its red-hot region free Blu-ray player giveaway activity.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2013 -- With the earnest wish to help Blu-ray buffs play region-coded Blu-ray discs on Windows 8 computer unlimitedly, Leawo Software now gives away its all-region Blu-ray player software that is fully compatible with Windows 8 OS. Not merely enables Blu-ray lovers to play Blu-ray discs on Windows 8 out of region restrictions, this ever 50,000-user-tested Blu-ray media player also helps DVD lovers enjoy a region-free DVD movie feast on Windows 8 computer.

Playing region-coded Blu-ray discs on Windows 8 computer has long been a hang-up among Blu-ray enthusiasts. All Blu-ray movies come with region codes, while Blu-ray drive packed on Windows 8 computer is designed to be region-specific to prevent playing Blu-ray discs from other regions. Beyond those, there are indeed quite few praised Windows 8 region free Blu-ray player programs on the market to support Windows 8 OS perfectly. Blu-ray buffs complained that many so-called best Windows 8 region free Blu-ray player programs, in fact, deliver rather poor overall performance. And that's why Leawo introduces region free Blu-ray player, which has been said to be tested and acclaimed by 50,000 users.

Now with Leawo rewarding its widely praised Windows 8 region free Blu-ray player software as a freebie, playing region restricted Blu-ray movies on Windows 8 computer will be nothing difficult and without any cost. No matter where in the world people bought the Blu-ray discs, this region free Blu-ray player could work in the background and automatically decrypt the Blu-ray region protections, enabling people to watch any region-coded Blu-ray movies with Windows 8 Blu-ray drive easily. For people looking for the best Windows 8 region free Blu-ray player, the one coming from Leawo is indeed the right one. It's 100% compatible with Windows 8 OS.

Making Blu-ray discs region free is just the tip of an iceberg while using Leawo all-region Blu-ray player. It could further serve as a piece of all-region DVD player software, ensuring the DVD playback on home Windows 8 PC regardless of the region code. According to Leawo's official introduce, DVD fans could enjoy this feature for permanent free. Besides, this Blu-ray media player also fully supports the latest DTS-HD Mater audio, DTS-5.1 audio, and attaches the advanced PCM technology to deliver the amazing audio enjoyment.

Price and Availability:
People who seek the best Windows 8 region free Blu-ray player for quite a long time, could download Leawo all region Blu-ray player from CNET, then take part in Leawo's ongoing all region Blu-ray player giveaway activity to get its free registration code. The region free Blu-ray player is valued $59.95 originally.

About Leawo Software
Leawo Software has a long standing reputation on providing the first-rate multimedia solutions for media fans worldwide. Currently Leawo gives away its best-reviewed all-region Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray discs in all region codes without any cost. For more details on the giveaway, please visit http://www.leawo.com/promotion/new-products/blu-ray-player.html.