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Leawo Software Reveals the Easiest Ways to Play Region-Coded DVD on Computer

Leawo Software reveals 2 easiest ways to play region-coded DVD on personal computer. People could choose to make computer DVD drive region free, or use a piece of all-region DVD player software to achieve the region-free DVD playback.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Recent survey shows that a large amount of people have long been plagued by their region-coded computer DVD drive being unable to play DVD movies in all region codes. So Leawo Software, an enterprise committed to providing the most effective DVD solutions to worldwide media fans, today reveals 2 easiest approaches to play region-coded DVD on personal computer: one is to make computer DVD drive region free, and the other is turning to a piece of all-region DVD player software.

DVD drive on PCs only allows people to change region for five times before locking to a chosen region. The fortune is Leawo now reveals the most effective way to make computer DVD drive region free. The software giant announced that people could take use of a region-free patched firmware to replace the current firmware in computer DVD-ROM, so as to unlocking the DVD drive. To complete the region unlocking task, people need to firstly find the exact model and firmware version of the DVD drive; look for patched firmware for their drive on the web; then install the appropriate firmware-flashing software on the computer. After that, the new region free drive is available on the PC.

Leawo additionally made a prompting that not all DVD drives can be made region free, just because some patched firmware cannot be founded. Besides, getting computer DVD drive unlocked by changing firmware even brings about risks, like accidentally ruining the DVD drive, the warranty under question, etc. People who are not ready to take those risks should never do that. That's also the reason why Leawo further introduces a piece of all region DVD player software to play region-coded DVD movies on computer, with no cost and hurdles.

People only need to download, install and run this all-region DVD player software on computer, then insert the DVD disc bought from other region into computer DVD drive. The program will work in the background, detect the DVD region code, change the unfitted DVD region automatically, and then successfully play DVD movies on personal computer. People have no need to worry about using up the region-change times anymore and even troublesomely make DVD drive region free, for that this DVD player software allows changing region settings for an unlimited number of times. Furthermore, this all-region DVD player even supports to play Blu-ray discs out of region restrictions.

Price and Availability
For people who prefer to make use of that all-region DVD player software to play region-coded DVD movies on personal computer, the happy news is they could enjoy this feature for permanent free.

For people who desire to make use of that player to play region-coded Blu-ray discs, they could take part in this region-free Blu-ray player special offer, to upgrade all region DVD player software to an all-region Blu-ray player at just $29.95 paid. In general, $59.95 will be paid to enjoy the region-free Blu-ray playback feature.

About Leawo Software
Leawo Software is an innovative multimedia software developer, which focuses on providing the first-rate and cost-effective multimedia solutions to worldwide media fans. Leawo now rolls out a region free Blu-ray player special offer, allowing people to upgrade the all-region DVD player to all-region Blu-ray player software at only $29.95. For more information about the special offer, please visit http://www.leawo.com/promotion/new-products/blu-ray-player.html.