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Leawo Software Upgraded Tunes Cleaner Mac 3.4.2 to 64-Bit with Full-Scale Optimization in Underlying Interface, UI, and Crash Errors Repair

The new 64-bit OS program Tunes Cleaner Mac 3.4.2 developed by Leawo Software reached to the public on August 21. Some crash problems had been perfectly solved and some modules were optimized. The User interface had also been updated.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2018 -- Since Apple announced iOS platform will no longer support 32-bit apps earlier this year, Leawo Software immediately devoted to the R&D of 64-bit Tunes Cleaner for Mac to respond to the new policy. And today, the 64-bit OS program – Tunes Cleaner Mac 3.4.2 officially came out. The tech giant in multimedia area Leawo Software has engaged in the R&D of Apple utilities for many years. As one of its star products, Tunes Cleaner is known as an all-in-one iTunes library cleanup tool which enables users to remove duplicated or dead tracks at one click. This tool could also smartly download and add music info like artist, album, song name, etc. to iTunes library music files. It even allows users to manually edit these music tags at will.

The new 64-bit application is superior to its previous versions in several aspects. Firstly, the icon of "Start to Clean iTunes" on the main interface was replaced with the latest one in keeping with the official style of Apple.

Secondly, in order to ensure the normal communications between the customer service staffs and users, the underlying interface of the Bug Report module was rewritten. Now, users could send feedbacks via the Bug Report window without data loss.

Also, the same as Music Recorder, since the music info automatic completion service provider was changed, the music info fix procedure will be much faster and more accurate.

Last but not least, the registration module was updated. The old module used to generate irregular codes that brings much trouble to the backstage manager. And the new module will considerably light the burden on users, administrators, and developers.

By the way, users should notice that Tunes Cleaner Mac 3.4.2 only supports of macOS 10.10 and later, and canceled the support of macOS versions before 10.10.

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