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Leawo Unveiled the 5 Most Popular Ways to Celebrate 2013 Thanksgiving Day Holiday

To help celebrate 2013 Thanksgiving Day holiday more enjoyable, Leawo Software shared 5 popular and meaningful Thanksgiving celebrating ways with all people.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- As a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada, the Thanksgiving Day comes at the fourth Thursday of November. Now, the spirit of Thanksgiving Day has influenced the rest of the world and it has been becoming a worldwide holiday gradually. As a tradition, Thanksgiving Turkey is the headline during Thanksgiving celebration. Besides, people also get other traditions, including: family gathering, travel, Thanksgiving feast, watching TV, treat or trick, etc. For 2013 Thanksgiving Day holiday celebration, Leawo Software, a leading multimedia software developer and provider, introduced 5 popular and non-traditional ways.

“Building” Thanksgiving Trees: The spirit of Thanksgiving Day is to show thanks to the people who offered help in the past one year. Building a Thanksgiving tree might start far early from Thanksgiving, probably November 1st. Every day, the family members get a leaf and write something on it that they are thankful for and put it on a Thanksgiving tree. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, the tree is filled up with all of the wonderful things that are thankful for.

A Thanksgiving travel: For people who are far away from home and alone in a strange city, taking a short Thanksgiving travel is not a bad idea. Surprises always happen in unexpected time during travelling, especially at such special holiday. It will be better if you’re invited to a strange family for celebrating the Thanksgiving together.

Watching Thanksgiving movies: Watching Thanksgiving themed movies together with family members no doubt become a good choice. Various Thanksgiving movies are available, like Grumpy Old Men, The Ice Storm, Home for the Holidays, etc. For any format incompatibility issues during Thanksgiving movie enjoying, Leawo’s 2013 Thanksgiving Movie Solutions Special Offer could be helpful.

Thanksgiving story: This method is especially educational and great for family where there’re kids. Telling kids about the story of the first Thanksgiving Day would let them know more about why they should be thankful for. Also, there are a lot of great books out there related about Thanksgiving to read as a group. To make it interactive, pass the book around and have each person read a page using different voices for different characters.

Helping others: Telling Thanksgiving stories would let kids know what Thanksgiving is for, while helping others could let them know truly how to practice the spirit of Thanksgiving. Portioning out the food to low-income families, doing some community cleanup, etc., all these are meaningful to kids.

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