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LEBHobbies.com Announces Addition of First Modeled Electric/Hydrogen Car to Hit the Slot Car Tracks


Yardley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- LEBHobbies.com, a leading retailer of Carrera slot car products, is excited to announce the arrival of the latest cars to their inventory. These high performing, realistically detailed slot cars meet the needs of the Carrera enthusiast with modern racing insignias. The new 2014 models imitate top GT and power racing cars that contend around the world, and augment the full range of Carrera slot car racing sets, track and accessories.

Carrera introduces the 30667 Digital 132 GreenGT H2 for the slot car track, modeled after the first prototype electric/hydrogen hybrid and technologically innovative car created for competition. Developed by the Swiss company GreenGT, this model slot car is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and is equipped with hydrogen storage cylinders made of carbon fiber and aluminum and a large air scoop above the driver’s head. These unique components are painted orange on the black slot car, which has a low, streamlined design making the GreenGT look very much like a modern race car.

An additional new arrival is the 23798 Digital 124 Ferrari 512S Berlinetta, Brands Hatch 1970—the product of unadulterated racing passion. The Ferrari 512S Berlinetta, the Italian response to the Porsche 917, boasted a 5-liter engine that generated 600 bhp. Carrera ‘s exclusive worldwide Ferrari reproduction license for the slot car market sends this black stallion branded automobile to Carrera tracks all around the world.

In addition to the new arrivals, LEBHobbies.com has restocked some of this past year’s favorite analog slot car sets, including the Evolution 25201Fast Classics and 25199 Rolling Thunder sets, along with some popular Digital 132 slot cars—the 30441 Dodge Charger 2006 Police Car, the 30639 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2, and the 30669 Ford Mustang No. 289. To hear more about their products, or to browse their vast collection of Carrera slot cars, be sure to visit their website today and bring the excitement of motorsports to your home.

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