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Leck's Greenhouses Offers Customers a Number of Garden Options for Fall


Feasterville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2017 -- Leck's Greenhouses has been supplying Bucks County residents with the tools they need to build a stunning garden. They are often referred to as "one of the best-kept secrets in Feasterville," and they are proud to operate as a family-run business.

As fall approaches, Leck's Greenhouses is helping residents beautify their homes with a number of different fall flowers, each of which is unique. Gardeners will have no issue finding a plant type that suits their level of skill and commitment.

One of their most popular fall pants, the beautiful red and orange mum, is notoriously easy to take care of thanks to its hardy nature. It's the perfect beginner flower, and only requires a well-draining soil and about 6-to-12 inches in between plants.

For more experienced gardeners, winter pansies provide an aesthetically pleasing option that arrives in a variety of colors when in bloom. Residents are advised to plant winter pansies before the average temperature drops below 45 degrees. This is when the roots will stop growing.

Ornamental cabbage and kale can make for a unique addition to a fall or winter garden. This gorgeous plant loves the cold temperatures, transforming into a brilliant purple, pink and white.

Finally, intenz celosia provides a wonderful fall and winter hanging option and blooms into a cone of vibrant purples and pinks. These are just a few of the options that local gardeners have when choosing what to plant this fall.

Anyone interested in learning more about what types of flowers are suitable for fall is encouraged to call Leck's Greenhouses at 215-664-8648 or visit http://www.lecksgreenhouses.com for more information.

About Leck's Greenhouses
Since 1941, Leck's Greenhouses has been providing the local community with high-quality plants and gardening supplies to help customers grow beautiful lawns and gardens. As a family owned and operated greenhouse & garden center, customers can count on their staff to help them choose the right products for any project. With a commitment to helping guide customers through the process of planting a garden, it's clear that the experienced staff at Leck's is invested in the success of each of their customers.

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