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LED Classroom Lighting Improves Children's Education


Greenwood Village, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Because of the low budgets available in the case of most schools throughout the country due to the national recession, high efficiency classroom lighting options have been difficult to come by in the past. Recently, however, due to the efforts of ILLUMINEX and the continually growing awareness regarding the qualities and benefits of superior LED lighting solutions, an increasing number of public schools have started using these types of products with positive results.

Companies such as ILLUMINEX, a well known green energy company, have been emphasizing the advantages of LED classroom lighting for quite a long time. Now, with excellent financing opportunities available through ILLUMINEX’s affiliate financing company, schools across the country can now easily benefit from enhanced LED lighting in their classrooms.

One of the most surprising results that schools have found while using these types of lights was that in addition to the low energy consumption and higher durability that these lighting products provided, they also created a more natural lighting atmosphere in the classrooms where they were installed.

As ILLUMINEX representatives have stated, this was likely due to the natural light dispersing and zero UV emission qualities that the LED classroom lighting products are known for.

However, there is more to the story, as some schools and organizations have also began conducting a series of standardized tests to determine exactly whether or not the difference between the old and the new lighting systems show any type of improvement in the children’s performance and behavior in school.

The results were nothing short of remarkable - not only have the test scores been improved by more than 25%, but many of the teachers have also observed that the children’s attention was more focused and they finished their tests much faster with the help of the recently installed high efficiency classroom lighting. Also, the students themselves have acknowledged the change, claiming that their school has become surprisingly pleasant and that the atmosphere is much lighter than it was before the new lights were installed.

News of the results has spread like wildfire, and soon enough, many more schools will be taking advantage of the effects that quality LED lights have on classroom learning.

Other benefits of natural classroom lights have also started to become known, as schools using LEDs in their classrooms were delighted to announce an energy consumption rate decreased by more than 70% and a considerably lower number of broken or burnt out lights during the school year.

The experts at ILLUMINEX consider this newfound interest in energy efficient, eco-friendly classroom lighting to be just the start of a lengthy period in which public schools will be making a positive transition toward a better future created by the installation of new and improved LED upgrades in schools throughout the country.

With years of experience in providing quality natural classroom lighting solutions for numerous schools across the United States, ILLUMINEX has gained considerable leadership in matters regarding the benefits of energy efficient school lighting systems.

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