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LED Flood Lights - Important Consumer Information

People buying LED flood lights have been warned to avoid buying cheap, non-certificated products which are poorly made and sometimes even hazardous.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- LED light bulbs are becoming more and more popular as people are becoming more aware of the environment and of home energy costs. LED lights are a great way for many to save money on electricity and the cost of buying new light bulbs. However, when it comes to buying LED Flood lights consumers need careful.

John from has been warning customers not to buy LED flood lights unless they are properly certified and safe to use.

“Consumers need to especially watch out for LED flood lights made without passing proper certification tests. These may be cheap, but they won't last and can sometimes even contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury” , warns John.

We Recommend These LED Flood Lights

Why Use LED Light Bulbs?

According to LED light bulbs are now advanced enough to last years and save the average person hundreds of dollars on extra lighting costs. They are also less likely to shatter, contain hazardous materials and they are also better for the environment.

Unlike before LED light bulbs are also now much cheaper and soon they will replace incandescent light bulbs completely.

Where to Buy Safe LED Light Bulbs?

Although there are numerous places to buy LED flood lights online we at recommend purchasing the Following:

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