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LED Lighting Market Booming Worldwide


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- LED has become one of the most popular forms of lighting in the world. And it seems that this trend is only set to multiply as new market research shows sales of LED lighting are set to increase by 22% in Korea and other areas across East Asia. The news comes only a short while after a survey found that LED lighting was increasing in popularity. The results of this market research are expected to have implications in the UK, which is intimately tied to trade across the world due to the setup of the global economy.

LED lighting is used both indoors and outdoors for the purposes of illumination. New technologies which allow the light to last longer and shine brighter mean that there is increasingly popular interest in it. It is widely gaining acceptance because of how efficient, sustainable and affordable it is. And the report quotes it as assisting in reducing energy consumption by around 40%. The implications of this news could revolutionise the way that we decorate and light up our interior and outdoor spaces, with many people believing it is the future of lighting.

About Crystals Chandelier
Crystals Chandelier are a leading supplier of lighting for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They specialise in providing the most innovate and new solutions for lighting in a range of stylish and aesthetically pleasing designs. Their LED designs are varied and popular also. As regular commentators on industry news, a spokesperson had this to say, 'We think that the news is great for everyone who is looking for affordable, efficient and long lasting solutions for their home or office space. The growth in LED lighting has been exponential and we have had such an explosion of interest in smart lighting because of consumers being more aware about their choices now. And there is such a range to choose from too! From wall lighting, lamps and chandeliers to lanterns and other accessories. There is something to suit everyone's taste.'

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