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LED Outfitters Now Offers 27-Watt Work Lights and off-Road Lightbars

Leading Online Retailer of LED Lights Expands Inventory with New Lightbars


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- As a leading retailer of lightbars and LED work lights, LED Outfitters continues to expand its inventory, adding new 27-watt work lights and off-road lightbars. By working with cutting-edge manufacturers, LED Outfitters is able to provide work lights, lightbars and other products that meet and exceed current market standards, and continues to improve and expand its available product line.

The 27-watt work lights and off-road lightbars feature super-white LED lights, for clear, crisp and consistent light. This latest Led technology offers up to 120,000 hours of life, with ultra-low current draw that will not drain a vehicle’s battery. The lighting system is resistant to moisture, dirt and dust infiltration. The lightbars produce virtually no heat, making them safe to use in small work spaces. Buyers will also enjoy a five-year warranty on these new lightbars.

Priced at $47.99 on LED Outfitter’s website, these 27-watt work lights and off-road lightbars are up to $52 below the retail price. The lamp features stainless steel mounting hardware, allowing it to be used as an interior roof or wall lamp inside enclosed trailers or canopies. It can also be used for ATVs and other off-road vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs. Custom manufactured LED lightbars ensure only the highest consistency of LED color and brightness.

With over 10 years of redefining LED lighting, LED Outfitters continues to offer patented technologies and high performance products that raise the bar. These LED lightbars are manufactured to withstand the harshest environments that nature can dish out. These LED lightbars and work lights are made with only the finest marine grade materials available. The proprietary manufacturing process ensures LED lightbars that are resistant to water penetration, shock and vibration.

To shop for the new 27-watt lightbars and off-road work lights, visit www.ledoutfitters.com.

About LED Outfitters
Starting in 2002, LED OUTFITTERS has been selling Emergency Vehicle Lights all over the United States. By working with cutting edge manufacturers from around the world, they are able to provide products that meet and exceed current market standards. They are constantly searching for ways to improve and expand their product line. They have come a long way since they started and are very proud of their accomplishments.