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LederMann Leather Launches Efforts to Combat Rise in Imitation Leather Dealers

Being equipped with the right aresenal of knowledge can help consumers avoid being scammed in the leather market, publishes ledermannleather.com


Selangor, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Worldwide market statistics reveal leather sales have recently hit almost $34 billion, marking a 10 year peak. This increase in demand has brought about an uptick in the number of merchants selling faux products under false pretenses. With this issue in mind, the founder of LederMann Leather has launched efforts to educate consumers on distinguishing between genuine products and their fraudulent counterparts.

The company founder explained, "This growing emergence of fake leather products is one of the primary reasons behind our company's creation. Aside from the items we found on the market lacking in style, as well as quality, many of the vendors we encountered were attempting to peddle counterfeit products. When we realized just how prominent this issue was, we set out to create our own line of Genuine Leather Bags and Briefcases. Now, we hope to help the public avoid the same problems we ran into before we began developing our own products."

First on the list of techniques for spotting genuine leather is simply reading product labels. Labels on true leather items will indicate this characteristic while faux items will either state the product contains man-made materials or will not have a label. Another indicator is the product's edging and backing. Edges on real leather have a slightly rough texture whereas those on fake items are smooth. Leather backing will have the texture of suede; on the other hand, faux leather will have a cloth or plastic interior lining.

Fragrance also gives the consumer a hint regarding a product's authenticity. Though fake leather offers up a scent reminiscent of plastic, a Real Leather Briefcase gives off a strong, highly recognizable aroma. Using the sense of feel is also helpful in determining which products are genuine. Those not made from leather will feel extremely smooth, much like a cheap raincoat. Genuine leather varies in texture based on quality and style. Some pieces consist of a smooth surface while Real Leather Bags Full-Grain will present a rough texture.

In some cases, this aspect can be difficult to distinguish, but closely examining the product in question will help reveal further variations. Patterns on false products are notably consistent because the fabric is synthetic, and patterns are imprinted mechanically. Since authentic leather is skin, the arrangement of the pattern will appear more irregular. The same is true of the pores in the fabric.

Concluded the representative, "Technology is making it easier for manufacturers to mimic genuine leather, but once consumers know what to look out for, they can more easily avoid being scammed. Even true leather is available in varying levels of quality, though, so those shopping for men's leather products should also be sure to only purchase from a reputable dealer. We believe in offering only the highest quality genuine leather products to our customers and would never sacrifice our reputation by attempting to pass off cheap imitations."

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