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LEDs Play an Increasingly Important Role in the Global Lighting Market


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- Recent reports have drawn attention to new trends and areas of considerable growth in the lighting industry. Home lighting is a particularly prominent market going into 2016, as people focus on their interiors for The New Year – with LED-based products at the forefront of luminary sales. Many people are opting for spotlights and LED based fittings, which can be incorporated even into classical designs such as chandeliers and lanterns, as they bring elegant modern lighting together with fine fittings. Global sales are expected to reach $133 billion in 2020, with LED market share worth up to 45%.

Therefore it is expected that the lighting industries will be offering up increasingly innovative designs incorporating LED technologies. This means that a large and often powerful amount of light can be gained from a small source; particularly advantageous for homes with limited space or those looking for a streamlined effect.

A prime example of a provider incorporating LED technologies into their lighting at this exciting time is Crystals Chandelier. A spokesperson had this to say:

"The positive predictions for LEDs within the lighting industry at the moment mean it is an essential place to make developments and offer customers the best, as well as cutting-edge technologies. That is why we stock a number of chandeliers complete with LEDs and a wide range of other options."

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